this friday i'm going to alcatraz for the very first time. yes, i know. i've lived in the city for a total of 5 years and have never been to the big rock in the middle of the bay. but i'm finally going so i'm excited, especially now that i heard alcatraz is going green.

in an attempt to become fully self-sufficient there will be biofuel generators, potable water from wasted sewage and a desalination plant powered by micro wind turbines.

and on top of all of that they are going to use hybrid powered boats to get all the little tourists out to the island. oh, and they're replanting the gardens. and getting a new audio tour. and letting people hold private events. i wonder when you can spend the night there...hooray for green!

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LauraB said...

How cool, a prison going green? There's something kind of ironic about that though, considering all the negative things about the criminal justice system, but no need to get all political here...

Alcatraz is really interesting though, I did an audio tour there when I was maybe 13 and still remember it! Have a good time!

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