today's the day we head out for burning man! we finally finished our bikes, our costumes and almost all of our shopping - we couldn't be more excited. =) i cannot wait to get out to the desert - check back next week for photos from burning man and more finds from around the web. big love.
quote of the day: "the typical american home looks like martha stewart just exploded all over it."
i love europeans...

the curiosity shoppe has some great little necklaces right now - my personal favorites are the octopus, the acorn and leaf and the twiggy saw necklace. the whole collection is great and surprisingly affordable.

i've slowly been seeing the work of martin klimas pop up around the web recently and am totally digging it. his photos, taken with a high speed camera, captures the moment when an object crashes and breaks on the floor. a simple concept we've seen so many times, just this time, i'd actually hang it on my wall.
i'm totally getting a kick out of this shelf designed by da-eun song...i'm yet to find where you can buy it - but i absolutely love it.

happy friday!
(image via john root)

in 6 days i'll be heading out for the black rock desert playa to bask in the sun with 45,000 other burners for a week. my excitement has hit it's peak and is unbelievably distracting. and i'm still so unprepared (can one ever be prepared for a week in the desert far from any civilization?).

as large as burning man is, there are areas you can bike to on the playa that are completely void of sound. it's a surreal experience to suddenly be surrounded by nothing but the sound of your own heart beating. as nice as it is, i distinctly remember thinking to myself how much i wish i had some music out there.
so this year i searched high and low for a speaker system for my ipod which would not only survive the elements but protect my ipod at the same time. i came across the iHome colortunes. completely portable and made to survive a day at the beach, the iHome seriously kicks ass. at first glance it looks cheap and not worth anyones time - but in all honesty, it has the best sound i've ever heard out of something so tiny and portable. and it gets loud - just the way i like it. =)

they range in prices depending which model you get, but best buy seems to have the lowest prices. your ipod fits snugly inside and the docking cord even lets you charge your ipod. pretty impressive if you ask me. now i can dance my heart out to manu chao in the middle of desert - just like i've always wanted to...
i recently pimped out my technological life with mac goodies including the new iphone. let me just say now, the iphone is hands down the coolest gadget i have ever owned. if you've been debating getting one, i totally suggest you do. it does everything aside cooking my meals and washing my clothes.

so of course with a new phone comes the need for a new case. while oliver and i were in the apple store this weekend i brought up the fact there are virtually no faux bois cases out there. i of course was wrong, as later that same day my brother emailed me to show me the iwood - a wooden iphone case!

at approximately $95 the case is pretty expensive, but it is beautiful. available in oak, cherry, padouk, mahogany and walnut woods, the iwood fits snugly and comes with a protective screen cover. you can also get engravings on the back, albeit i still can't figure out why you would...pretty impressive, pretty impressive indeed.
every so often i search through doe's website to see what else i can add to the list of things i really really want from their store.

one would think i would just go to the store seeing as i pass by it twice a day every day of the week. but that would run the alarmingly high risk of me actually purchasing something. so instead i just screen shop their site.

my new favorites that i think you should all buy are:

(image via happy cavalier)
now that i have friends who are having babies i can finally buy all the little munchkin clothes i so love - like these awesome onesies by little lark. i want to buy them all - starting with the little bike. seriously - y'all need to start popping out more kids for me to shop for...
i am a huge fan of camilla engman. her work is adorable and may soon be available on chuck taylors (converse people, converse).

as part of the red campaign we've been seeing all over, camilla designed a little red riding hood high top chuck. they're being tested out in the market and i sincerely hope they get mass produced. i for one will buy a pair in a heart beat.
sometimes i feel like i've been pulled in two directions for so long i'm on the verge of snapping into two. currently, i cannot seem to get two people i sincerely care for to get along at any cost - even the cost of my own sanity. there's the one who feels like they're trying to no avail and the other who has not only locked the door and thrown away the key, but also dead bolted, chained and nailed shut that door. (i think the cracks may have been sealed for extra measure.)

so here i am in the middle.

being tugged on this way and that. mind you, both people will adamantly claim they are not pulling (or even pushing) in either direction. nope, not at all. actually, they both claim complete indifference and really this whole disconnect is an issue in my head. i am the crazy one.

and then people wonder why i want to be part of the witness protection program. i have witnessed true insanity - now someone save me, change my name, move me far away and let's pretend the whole thing never happened. please?

oliver is a really big fan of flight of the conchords on hbo. borderline obsessive actually. i regularly get a serenade of the newest songs from the episodes over the phone, generally completely off key and with totally revised lyrics.

he had me watch two episodes and i just didn't get into it. perhaps it was his constant pestering with such catch-phrases as: "ha ha, that's so funny! why aren't you laughing?", "don't you think this is hilarious?" and "isn't this awesome?!". generally whenever i see something that has been hyped up to be the greatest thing EVER i am inevitably let down. however, i recently saw this clip of one of their little ditties and i have to admit, i loved it. maybe he should have started with this episode. i surely what have laughed up to his expectations if he had...
burning man is only 2 weeks away. i feel like i have driven everyone insane with all my constant blabbering about the burn but i just can't contain myself. i started working on my lion bike, have almost completed my evening costume and just finished up our gifts for this year. yes, gifts.

a large part of the burning man community is bartering, gifts and always being there for a fellow person in need. gifts aren't necessarily exchanged for anything, but rather just given to the many people you encounter while roaming the playa. the last time oliver and i went we handed out small tubes of bubbles, but quickly learned that the caps came off easily once out in the desert which contributed to the much despised moop (matter out of place).

since this years theme is the green man, there was a lot of talk about gifting in relationship to consumerism. so instead of heading to the stores to see what we could buy for everyone, we gathered some counter samples made of wood, drew on the man and added a key chain loop. practical and debris free. not too shabby, eh?

have any of you seen yet? it's a site that enables you to see how accessible and convenient your town is by foot. you type in your address and then you get a ranking from 0-100. oliver's housed faired well for orange county at 77 (he literally lives next to a shopping center which bolstered his ranking), while mine came in at 94. my parents came in at under 20 which is no surprise. one time when i was walking out there someone yelled "get a car!" at me. awesome. check out the site - it's kind of fun...

a family favorite.

one day when i have a legitimate office space in my house, i want these prints. as many of you know, i am a junky for eames chairs. i even have a mini plastic chair collection from the interior design collection. so of course when i saw these prints on etsy i fell in love. check out the please be still shop here. (images via please be still)
omg. i am so in love with this faux bois tableware set from room service collection. what i would give to have all the pieces!
this last weekend i was down south at oliver's working on our bikes for burning man. actually, neither of us have our bikes yet, but we do have our bike baskets. so we started the decorating process. i'm transforming mine into a lion of sorts (pics coming in the next few weeks) so i only needed a cheap and plain basket since it is being completely covered in fabric. with the hopes that my bike survives it's trip out to the desert, i'd like to eventually get a new basket - one with a little more style. like this one. how cute are these baskets by marie-louise gustafsson? they're available in green, white and black at the sfmoma store or for those of you in the city at scandinavian details in hayes valley. too cute.
i'm patiently waiting for the day oliver decides to stop smoking. not so much because i hate how it makes him smell like peanut butter or how the ash flies all over including on me, but rather the fact that i want him to live longer so i have someone to bother for many years to come. so of course when i saw this ashtray i immediately thought of him. granted, i know an ashtray that can only hold one cigarette, despite the point it's trying to make, is completely impractical and more likely to become one with my shelves then anything else. but that doesn't stop me from wanting to buy it. not at all.
as i continue to look for a new place to live i'm of course more cognizant then ever of anything moving related. so naturally this book caught my attention. moving.kit is your fool proof guide to moving with tips, checklists and even stickers to label your boxes as you move. i would probably pack the book in the middle of the moving process, but in theory it sounds great.
sung sent me these pics today. i have no clue where this restaurant is or why they themed it after a bathroom. all i want to know is how many drunk guys have taken a whiz in the decorative urinals.

it's down to crunch time for burning man and i'm slowly remembering all the stuff we had last time we went, that we no longer have today. my newest realization - an area rug for our tent. i know what you're thinking - why the hell would we need an area rug out in the middle of the desert. because just like carpeting in your house, it traps dirt, i.e. playa dust. it's amazing how much a rug helps keep the air clean. plus, you can sit on it instead of on a sticky dirty tarp.

so i decided to check to see what they had to offer - they seriously have some amazingly cute rugs for fantastic prices. you can sort by prize, size, material, shape - you name it. who would have thought they would have such a great selection of rugs?
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