burning man is only 2 weeks away. i feel like i have driven everyone insane with all my constant blabbering about the burn but i just can't contain myself. i started working on my lion bike, have almost completed my evening costume and just finished up our gifts for this year. yes, gifts.

a large part of the burning man community is bartering, gifts and always being there for a fellow person in need. gifts aren't necessarily exchanged for anything, but rather just given to the many people you encounter while roaming the playa. the last time oliver and i went we handed out small tubes of bubbles, but quickly learned that the caps came off easily once out in the desert which contributed to the much despised moop (matter out of place).

since this years theme is the green man, there was a lot of talk about gifting in relationship to consumerism. so instead of heading to the stores to see what we could buy for everyone, we gathered some counter samples made of wood, drew on the man and added a key chain loop. practical and debris free. not too shabby, eh?

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