i recently pimped out my technological life with mac goodies including the new iphone. let me just say now, the iphone is hands down the coolest gadget i have ever owned. if you've been debating getting one, i totally suggest you do. it does everything aside cooking my meals and washing my clothes.

so of course with a new phone comes the need for a new case. while oliver and i were in the apple store this weekend i brought up the fact there are virtually no faux bois cases out there. i of course was wrong, as later that same day my brother emailed me to show me the iwood - a wooden iphone case!

at approximately $95 the case is pretty expensive, but it is beautiful. available in oak, cherry, padouk, mahogany and walnut woods, the iwood fits snugly and comes with a protective screen cover. you can also get engravings on the back, albeit i still can't figure out why you would...pretty impressive, pretty impressive indeed.

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im seriously fighting the urge to consume. alas, it's a battle i fear i may be loosing. -a35mmlife

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