i'm patiently waiting for the day oliver decides to stop smoking. not so much because i hate how it makes him smell like peanut butter or how the ash flies all over including on me, but rather the fact that i want him to live longer so i have someone to bother for many years to come. so of course when i saw this ashtray i immediately thought of him. granted, i know an ashtray that can only hold one cigarette, despite the point it's trying to make, is completely impractical and more likely to become one with my shelves then anything else. but that doesn't stop me from wanting to buy it. not at all.


Sequana said...

the link to the ashtray didn't work, and i'd love to see where it can be found. could you try again, pls?...thx

natalie. said...

hey sequana - i just checked the link and it seems to be working fine...want to try again? =)

Sequana said...

works for me now too.....thx for whatever fairy dust you sprinkled

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