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in 6 days i'll be heading out for the black rock desert playa to bask in the sun with 45,000 other burners for a week. my excitement has hit it's peak and is unbelievably distracting. and i'm still so unprepared (can one ever be prepared for a week in the desert far from any civilization?).

as large as burning man is, there are areas you can bike to on the playa that are completely void of sound. it's a surreal experience to suddenly be surrounded by nothing but the sound of your own heart beating. as nice as it is, i distinctly remember thinking to myself how much i wish i had some music out there.
so this year i searched high and low for a speaker system for my ipod which would not only survive the elements but protect my ipod at the same time. i came across the iHome colortunes. completely portable and made to survive a day at the beach, the iHome seriously kicks ass. at first glance it looks cheap and not worth anyones time - but in all honesty, it has the best sound i've ever heard out of something so tiny and portable. and it gets loud - just the way i like it. =)

they range in prices depending which model you get, but best buy seems to have the lowest prices. your ipod fits snugly inside and the docking cord even lets you charge your ipod. pretty impressive if you ask me. now i can dance my heart out to manu chao in the middle of desert - just like i've always wanted to...

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