sometimes i feel like i've been pulled in two directions for so long i'm on the verge of snapping into two. currently, i cannot seem to get two people i sincerely care for to get along at any cost - even the cost of my own sanity. there's the one who feels like they're trying to no avail and the other who has not only locked the door and thrown away the key, but also dead bolted, chained and nailed shut that door. (i think the cracks may have been sealed for extra measure.)

so here i am in the middle.

being tugged on this way and that. mind you, both people will adamantly claim they are not pulling (or even pushing) in either direction. nope, not at all. actually, they both claim complete indifference and really this whole disconnect is an issue in my head. i am the crazy one.

and then people wonder why i want to be part of the witness protection program. i have witnessed true insanity - now someone save me, change my name, move me far away and let's pretend the whole thing never happened. please?


Megan said...

That's such a terrible feeling, it's so hard sometimes when two people you care about refuse to get along. Often they don't even realize they're hurting you by making you their in-between. Make sure they know that when they pull apart, you get torn in the middle. Most of all, take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Set your course and sail full throttle into the world. Life is too short to be unhappy. Things have a way of working out especially when you can distance yourself from the negative and clear your head!

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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