as some of you know, i recently sold my beloved scion xb. after a year of living in two different cities, i decided it was time to part ways completely and had my family sell it down south. i have to admit, a part of me is sad to see it go. i was one of the first 10 scion owners and drove it with pride despite the barrage of commentary from fellow drivers as to just how ugly they thought the car was. as if i really cared what they thought...

so i have no intention of actually buying another car, but if the nissan pino makes its way to the states then i might just have's mini, fuel efficient and adorable. the 3 things i love in a car...

i've been wanting to buy one of the keep calm and carry on reproduction posters for awhile now - so i checked out the site today and found all sorts of goodies. check them all out here.
my mums newest work in progress. check out her blog where you can see how she started this piece and it's progress along the way.

looks like roadsworth has some new stuff out on the streets. for those of you who have never heard of him - i guess you could almost compare him to banksy, just in canada instead of the uk. pretty dope stuff if you ask me.

have any of you heard about this documentary? it's called kurt cobain about a son, and is narrated entirely by interviews done with kurt. i can't wait to see it, albeit i think i may actually cry in a theater.

i can't say i have many friends left from the early 90's, primarily because most the people i hung out with back then didn't quite make it through those years. but the few people who did know me back then could all attest to what an alterna junkie i was (and still am). from sonic youth to mudhoney to nirvana - it was all that pumped through my veins. i epitomized the apathetic teen, found relief in anarchy and really just wanted to be in a band. and i had more flannel and torn jeans then a thrift store.

i guess i haven't changed much - i'm just a little taller and don't have posters of kurt cobain all over my bedroom walls. i still run for the mosh pit at pearl jam shows, blast nirvana at top notch and lust after marrying thurston moore. i'm still that 13 year old girl - i'm just pretending to be a grown up now...

in two weeks i'll be out on beautiful lake mead for our second annual house boat trip. in the last year a lot of us have scattered along the west coast - from portland to san diego (even hawaii!) - so it's going to be really great to get back together with everyone. there's just something so incredibly relaxing about lounging in the water during the day and sitting out by the fire at night with good friends.

i was thinking of buying an inflatable kayak for the trip - have any of you ever used one?
i always bug oliver to quit smoking and suggest a million other things he could be doing with his time, like whittling. someone i know told me their grandpa quit smoking by taking up whittling - i think it may have been my cousin. but that's besides the point. i think oliver should take up whittling A) to quit smoking and B) to make me cool things. i think i just may have to get him this whittling kit!
for a brief while oliver had a serious pac-man addiction. i'm not even joking. he added it to his igoogle and would play for hours upon hours. it was disturbing to say the least. so of course when i saw these plushies i immediately thought of him. i have no idea who the little dude with the glasses is, but the rest belong in oliver's house among the collection of random stuff i've bought him that he never uses, but is too nice to throw away.
(via siagrafica)

i never really know where to keep fruit aside from inside of my fridge. i don't really have a nice fruit bowl and to be perfectly honest, i find most fruit bowls to be atrociously ugly. until i saw these lovely little guys.

designed by helena schepens, these bowls were designed to be like frames and the fruit within them, the art. they really are terrific pieces - if i ate bananas i would buy the banana holder in a heart beat.

i'm loving these norwegian forest lamps by catherine kullberg. the shade is actually made from a laser cut piece of thin birch veneer mounted on white paper which is then hand sewn onto a steel frame with leather lacing. i love how the light filters through...lovely.

i like hotels. a lot. i notoriously spend more money on hotels when i travel then on air fare and food combined. i can't help myself. and now, i think i may need to make a reservation for a hotel in the city where i live. yes, i'm serious.

have any of you heard of hotel tomo? it's a best western (i know, i know) that is themed around japanese pop culture. i'm not even kidding.

located in the lower pac heights area of japan town, hotel tomo is hands down the most playful hotel i have ever seen. the gaming suites come with a playstation 3, a wii (awesome), bean bag chairs and a 6 foot lcd projection screen. the nerd within me is screaming with delight.

i wonder if i could have my halloween party there...

check out what's goin on?

(click each image to see full size)

while i was working with my mum this week on updating her blog layout i came across colette calascione. i am so unbelievably in love with her work. i think i may print some out to put in small frames around the house - they're so reminiscent of these vintage erotica postcards i have with a surrealist twist. love it.

okay, seriously - have any of you seen this show? apparently it's on nick jr and it's like prepping your child for the acid trips they'll have in college.

how could you not want to watch a show where the hosts name is dj lance rock and guests include biz markie, elijah wood and tony hawk?

check out their full site here.

there's a party in my tummy - so yummy! so yummy!
it's always fun watching my mums progress as a painter. from her doodles back when i was a little one to her large scale oil paintings today, i've always been amazed at what she can create out of seemingly nothing.

the last couple years have been a total growth spurt for her as her work progresses in leaps and bounds. with each new painting i'm all the more amazed at the colors, depth and her speed at pulling a piece together. like the one above - this is after 2 days of work! is that even possible?

while i still love her black and white paintings the most, i have to say her color ones have been growing on me more and more...

(shameless plug: if you want a commission done, drop me a line or visit her


insect race

city caterpillar

see all the other amazing episodes of minuscule here.
i love this map. the second iA web trendmap features the 200 most successful websites on the web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective. awesome.
i'm loving woofy - a cable holder that looks like a dog. how could you resist?

happy friday!
as if we didn't have enough on our plates already, oliver & i are starting to plan a small trip for the thanksgiving holiday. we're debating between a few different places - most recently vancouver, canada. we're thinking of flying in to seattle, hanging out for a day while i show him my favorite places in town, and then driving up to vancouver, which is only a few hours away.

so here's the deal. i have a decent grasp on seattle and can find my around - especially to the door of paseo's - the best cuban sandwich shop outside of cuba. but i know absolutely nothing about vancouver...have any of you been before? if so, what did you think and what do you recommend?
me likey.
check it out here.
i love plates. i don't know why, but i do. i especially love these plates by working class studio on sometimes i debate buying all these plates i love but then i worry about the day that there's more then 4 people at the table, which happens to only seat 4. maybe one day when i have a big kitchen i'll have a collection of small plates - after all, they would keep the portions we eat smaller...
so i finally saw one of the bags by anya hindmarch today on the bus. i have to admit, it was really freakin cute. i know they can be a bit hard to get your hands on, but if you were debating buying one, i definitely suggest you do. or you could always just buy one for me...

(image by lane hartwell)

want to know what makes burning man awesome. moments like this.

hands down the most spectacular moment of the week - a 1,000 ft fireball in the sky. so strong that it illuminated the whole city and literally sent shock waves miles away.

and the suspended semi trucks, aka the big rig jig - surreal. i kept waiting for them to come crashing down...

the week was amazing and i already miss our little home out in black rock. spending a week with oliver in such a spectacular place was exactly what i needed...i can't wait for our next burn!
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