have any of you heard about this documentary? it's called kurt cobain about a son, and is narrated entirely by interviews done with kurt. i can't wait to see it, albeit i think i may actually cry in a theater.

i can't say i have many friends left from the early 90's, primarily because most the people i hung out with back then didn't quite make it through those years. but the few people who did know me back then could all attest to what an alterna junkie i was (and still am). from sonic youth to mudhoney to nirvana - it was all that pumped through my veins. i epitomized the apathetic teen, found relief in anarchy and really just wanted to be in a band. and i had more flannel and torn jeans then a thrift store.

i guess i haven't changed much - i'm just a little taller and don't have posters of kurt cobain all over my bedroom walls. i still run for the mosh pit at pearl jam shows, blast nirvana at top notch and lust after marrying thurston moore. i'm still that 13 year old girl - i'm just pretending to be a grown up now...

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M-Eyes said...

yeah i cant wait to see it

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