i like hotels. a lot. i notoriously spend more money on hotels when i travel then on air fare and food combined. i can't help myself. and now, i think i may need to make a reservation for a hotel in the city where i live. yes, i'm serious.

have any of you heard of hotel tomo? it's a best western (i know, i know) that is themed around japanese pop culture. i'm not even kidding.

located in the lower pac heights area of japan town, hotel tomo is hands down the most playful hotel i have ever seen. the gaming suites come with a playstation 3, a wii (awesome), bean bag chairs and a 6 foot lcd projection screen. the nerd within me is screaming with delight.

i wonder if i could have my halloween party there...


TokyoBunnie said...

Giant Robot loot-filled vending machines, too!

Omar Cruz said...

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