i've recently been yearning for a clean and simple office space. i don't actually have an office right now, but if i did it would involve a lot of white accessories like these. these cute trees and alphabet letters are by millicent & frank - i could totally picture them on my shelves right now. maybe this weekend i'll redecorate the small space where i have my desk right now. i could use a little change in my apartment...
happy halloween!

while we were in portland we visited the saturday market out in old town. it was a great little place to pick up hand made goods and is where i came across skullcat design. these were some seriously adorable vinyl bags featuring the likes of squirrels, beavers, birds and more. while the prices are steep (an avg of $75 for a messenger bag) - the quality is good and well, who doesn't love a hand made bag? check out their whole collection here.

oliver & i went up to portland for the first time this weekend - all i can say is, what a great little city. the craftsman homes surrounded by autumn leaves were absolutely breath taking. all the little neighborhoods were so charming and i think the people in portland were the nicest i have ever met.

i had a chance to visit so many great shops and meet local artisans that there's no way i could get them all in one post. so instead i'll be posting about my favorite finds throughout the week...check back for some awesome little goodies.
i saw this calendar on design sponge today - talk about stellar design. apparently it is made of corian in honor of the company's 40th anniversary. get your own here.

a couple weeks ago i posted about the vintage kodak duaflex my brother won for me on ebay. i finally had some time tonight to play around with it and these are a couple of my first pics from my new favorite camera. i think i finally found a machine that sees the world the same way i do. love. love. love.
this weekend oliver and i are flying up to portland for a quick little visit with some close friends. i am so looking forward to exploring a new town. as much as i absolutely love san francisco, i sometimes need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. actually, what i really need is just a break from the bums & crackheads. it's been really warm here in the city, so it will be fun to finally toss on some fall clothes for the weekend and see what the season 'fall' actually looks like.

i've heard nothing but great things from people who have recently been to portland - i'll be sure to post lots of pictures when i get back. if you have any suggestions on places no one should miss while in portland, let me know. especially shops - we all know how much i LOVE shopping. =)
okay, i know it's way to early to be thinking about christmas, but i just saw this on kid robot's site and couldn't resist. i have to have him. get your own here.
to all my so cal friends - hope you, your families and your homes are safe.
while searching for some more halloween decorating ideas on etsy i came across wool & water - a great little shop by artist amy earles. aside from her amazing original works, amy also sells paper dolls. when i was a little girl i absolutely loved paper dolls and i pretty much still do. as soon as she has another batch of her delicate heart dolls available i'm ordering one - and well, you should too.

i was browsing on sunset's site today and came across this great idea for decorating small pumpkins and gourds. using permanent markers and basic acrylic paint, you can decorate your gourd into any style you like. use a rubber comb to add detailing effects and then spray with a polyurethane glaze to give it a nice shiny glow. this is such a great idea for kids who are still too young to carve pumpkins but are masters in finger painting. get the full instructions here.
it's been awhile since i had a blog roll. a reeeaaally long time actually. sometimes i feel like there are just too many blogs to blog about! but we all need some variety - so i'll do my best to get back on track and keep you posted on great reads...like this one:

i came across anahata katkin's blog today and really fell in love. her taste is delightful & her posts are fun and easy to read...check her out here. i'm sure most of you would quite enjoy it. =)

i'll post some more great finds throughout the week - and as always, if you have any recommendations send them my way!

jessica recently told me about another great online shop called the shiny squirrel - a place for emerging artists and designers to sell their one of a kind pieces online. despite the site being fairly new there are already some great artists, including ashley g, matt sipov and my new personal favorite find sandra juto...oh how i love sandra's minor key (shown above). i'll take one please!

this weekend oliver and i went to the sfmoma cafe for lunch and decided to check out the new joseph cornell exhibit. from the moment i walked in i was absolutely in love. each room was filled with a stunning assortment of collages, collage boxes and more random little found objects then you could possibly take in. there were so many pieces i wish i had in my home - perhaps i'll just make box myself. for more on joseph cornell, go here.

these illustrations by elsita are absolutely charming. the colors remind me of those i used to see in berlin as a child - so fresh and simple. check out her etsy shop for more prints and additional items.
yay! today was finally the day for the nike women's half marathon here in the city - a whopping 13.1 miles through the hills of san francisco. despite my aching calves it was a total blast. vanessa, karen and i kept a good pace throughout and finished in under 4 hours! the weather was perfect and the throngs of people cheering us along kept us motivated all along the way.

for my first half marathon i was pleasantly surprised and would consider doing it again - if anything i could easily see a 10k in my future. congrats again to every one who participated today!!!

i don't like taking medication, but this is medication i would take every day. happy pills is a candy store in barcelona designed by studio m - according to their site they were responsible for virtually everything, including the name, the product & packaging and even the design of the interior. such a fantastic result! (found via design crush; images via studio m)

method products are amazing. i'm serious. they all smell wonderful and i never have to worry that if diego starts licking the walls he'll fall ill since they are all toxin free. as part of their recent campaign to green the world, method is offering the get greener plastic bag rehab bag. totally cute and compact so you can always keep it with you. i've actually eliminated plastic bags from most my shopping and use canvas totes for my grocery shopping - but this would be great to keep in my purse for those last minutes trips to the market. go here to fill out the form to receive a bag of your own ($20's worth of method product receipts required).
i love danny seo's idea to reupholster ikea dining chairs with sweaters! i always see amazing knits at local second hand shops - but they are rarely in my size or in a condition overall that you could leave the house wearing. i suppose now i could just buy them to cover my dining chairs. =)

it's okay to sing-a-long - i won't tell anyone. ;)
despite the rainy weather, this is hands down my favorite time of year. not only do i get to wear all my favorite winter gear, but it's also the start of holiday shopping! i know, most people look at holiday shopping the same as scooping up dog poop - no one wants to do it. i on the other hand love it - primarily because i start in october and am completely done by thanksgiving - so no holiday crowds and great end of season sales.

my favorite sale of the season is the sf moma
member sale, happening on november 2nd and 3rd. one weekend to stock up on all the amazing goodness that
store has to offer at 20% off. this sale in and of itself makes my membership worth while. here's a few things i'm already eying to add to my collection - er, i mean gifts! yes, gifts...

i had once purchased these great little of change of address cards made of corrugated cardboard a few years back and used them each time i moved to update friends of my new addy. here's a nicer and sturdier version of those cards from spitfire girl. check out her whole collection of wooden cards - too cute.

redefining proverbs, brought you by laura snell.

remember kids, drink milk.
father and daughter dance shoes...genius.

i think i was destined to be a camera collector versus an actual photographer. i have a complete inability to stop purchasing cameras - plus, i keep buying cameras that require film, which means photos that never get uploaded and thus are lost in boxes in my armoire.

i have an absurd collection of lomo's, a holgaroid, a couple of polaroid's and soon my kodak duaflex. yet in no way does that stop me from wanting to finally splurge and buy myself the diana.

i had heard about the camera awhile back and did my best to ignore it, which worked well until i saw it on sprayglue today. i have no way of knowing if my photos would look even close to what other users submit - but even if they came kind of close i would be one happy girl. how could you turn down a camera that has a pinhole effect and panorama?

i suppose i'll just stick with my duaflex for now - but if any of you actually own the diana (esp an original!) do let us know how it works...
sometimes you see amazing little homes in the city and can't help but picture yourself in them. there's a home in cole valley that reminds me of a french confectionery that i wanted to live in through all of college. or the beautiful spanish villa on telegraph hill that you can see from the embarcadero. the periodic soma loft that you swear you would live in if it weren't in the soma. or in my current fantasy - the little red house that strangely reminds me of the netherlands. maybe it has to do with my love for their red shutters...

i feel as though a lot of times i lose sight of how to help other people in the world without physically being there. i'm not one to give money to an organization and despite my endless donations of things i've owned to those in need, i still feel like a humanitarian slacker.

my mom on the other hand seems to always find a way to help in any way she can - sometimes in obscure ways that i never would have thought of. like the painting above - she just completed this to donate to an auction by the UN for aid money for darfur.

now why didn't i think of that?
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