flor has been all the talk again lately and i was lucky enough to see it first hand in a great apartment this weekend. the stuff is seriously amazing. heather of dooce just blogged about her collection of flor tiles today and how resilient they are. i love their endless collections and effortless design - and for all you martha stewart fans out there - she's just introduced a line of flor tiles too.

for those of you who have never heard of flor, you have to check it out. it's essentially modular carpeting that adheres to virtually any floor surface. you can cover a whole room, make an area rug, or even buy a flor christmas tree skirt for the holidays.

i was really impressed when i recently saw them in an actual home versus a show room. you can alternate the directions of the tiles for a soft organic texture or keep them all in the same direction (like the grain on wood) to make it look like one large piece. really amazing stuff and perfect for those of us who like to constantly change the look of a room.

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Enzie said...

I like the hop-scotch (is that what they call it here?) I would totally hop on that on my way to the kitchen for exercise! LOL

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