a friend sent me a link today to some new hello kitty blind boxes at urban outfitters. when i was a little girl i absolutely loved hello kitty. i had the barrette's, the school supplies and even the nail polish. part of me sometimes wants to buy some hello kitty gear (like the cashmere sweaters they now carry) - but whenever i go to the store i'm overwhelmed by all the new characters and lack of classic hello kitty love.

but back to my point - these hello kitty blind boxes are only $8 AND there's a woodgrain kitty!


MaSRade said...

If only you could see Courtney's face when I showed her that you blogged these...woodgrain kitty is delightful.

natalie shahmiri. said...

ha ha - it was probably the same look on my face when i discovered wood grain kitty...i have to get my hands on one!

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