have any of you been to disneyland recently? i went this weekend for a friends birthday and it was totally decked out for halloween. i've seen the haunted mansion be turned into the nightmare before christmas theme for some years now - but i've never seen the whole park over run with halloween goodness. let me just say, it's awesome.

vanessa, rob, oliver and i all headed over there late saturday to meet up with our friends, whom of course in true theme park fashion, we never found. between california adventure, downtown disney and disneyland itself, it's amazing you don't lose the people you show up with. so after a few hopeless texts to find each other, we decided to hit the lines. amazingly, we didn't have to wait in line for anything over 30 minutes and hit all the rides we wanted to see. i haven't had that happen since high school and that was loooong time ago.

man what i would give for another churro right now...

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design for mankind. said...

OMG I was there, too. You're so right--- it was Hallowland ALL over the place.

By the way, your blog is a fabulous read. Mind if I add you to my blogroll?

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