i think i was destined to be a camera collector versus an actual photographer. i have a complete inability to stop purchasing cameras - plus, i keep buying cameras that require film, which means photos that never get uploaded and thus are lost in boxes in my armoire.

i have an absurd collection of lomo's, a holgaroid, a couple of polaroid's and soon my kodak duaflex. yet in no way does that stop me from wanting to finally splurge and buy myself the diana.

i had heard about the camera awhile back and did my best to ignore it, which worked well until i saw it on sprayglue today. i have no way of knowing if my photos would look even close to what other users submit - but even if they came kind of close i would be one happy girl. how could you turn down a camera that has a pinhole effect and panorama?

i suppose i'll just stick with my duaflex for now - but if any of you actually own the diana (esp an original!) do let us know how it works...

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