how cute is this owl necklace holder?
it would match my house perfectly! (hint, hint!)

get your own (or one for me)
this is the first year that i've been completely stumped on what to get my family and friends for christmas. i feel like everyone already has everything they want that i could ever possibly afford. so instead of large gifts, i'm making stockings for all my friends & family with little goodies i've found that remind me of them. this of course means i'm scouring the web for great little finds on all my favorite sites, which includes the always amazing fred flare. like this mixtape usb memory stick - how could you say no to such awesomeness?
there are few people in this world i admire, but ghandi is extraordinarily high up on the list. hence why i absolutely love this bracelet. so awesome.

i love christmas trees, but living in a small apartment sometimes makes it hard to get one that actually resembles an actual tree and not just a cone shaped bush.

if you have the same problem as me, check out this ornament tree. super cute and just the right size for any home. available at urban outfitters.

have i mentioned how much i love hotels? i love them almost as much as i love puppies. and the opus hotel in vancouver. lord have mercy. we had an idea that the little boutique hotel in yale town would be cool, but i really had no idea how amazing it would be.

the room was spectacular - large with a fabulous tub and of course the glass walled bathroom, which seems to be all the rage these days. there were a collection of cds all with awesome music for the room, books picked by the staff and l'occitane bath products.

the bar and restaurant were terrific (they get packed on friday nights) and the hotel was within easy walking distance of downtown and yale town itself has a ton of boutiques and restaurants. definitely check it out if you travel out that way!
i'm totally digging these felt pebbles.
(available at branch.)
still scrambling for holiday gifts? how about some awesome tee's from threadless! the $10 sale is going on till december 16th but get them now as the best styles always sell out fast. here are a few of my current favorites:

let me start off by saying that vancouver is an AMAZING city. completely metropolitan, yet surrounded by the natural beauty only the pacific northwest can offer. we fell absolutely in love with the place.

and the oh man are there a lot of shops. we stayed in an area called yale town which was full of boutiques and small restaurants. my favorite shop was
inhabit, a great little place with a mixture of home goods and items for kids. it was basically all the cool things you see all over the web in one place.

if you're no where near vancouver, check out their online shop here.
i LOVE these bags!

i'll take one of each please.
fill in the blank project found via pretty pretty.
this week oliver and i are heading up to vancouver for a little getaway during the thanksgiving holiday. neither of us are much into turkey and stuffing, so we use thanksgiving as a time to take little trips without having to use time off of work.

neither of us have ever been to vancouver and we're beyond excited. downright giddy actually. i've already started researching little spots we want to check out, like dear home - a great little home goods and gift shop. hopefully i can find some christmas gifts while we're there since i'm actually behind in my christmas shopping.

if any of you have any other suggestions on great shops, restaurants, or neighborhoods to check out let me know - i'll post some of my favorite finds when we return. =)

in less then a month my brother and i are going to see bjork in la! i am so unbelievably excited!!! we have perfect seats and i'm going with my favorite person in the world. yay!!!

WOW. seriously? i'm stunned.
orangina - you have left me speechless.
my mom once found some vintage shot glasses for my dad that revealed a naughty image when you filled up the shot. they were big back in the 70's, but hard to come across now. luckily, you can now order a new variation online! peepshow shot glasses come in two different sets - beefcake and cheesecake, each containing 4 glasses. i'm so tempted to order them for one of the many upcoming white elephant parties for the holidays...
i like having plants around - especially in my little cubicle. i have cute little bamboo plant, but i can't say it's the most exciting thing i've ever encountered. actually, it's rather dull.

perhaps i can pass it along to someone else in the office and get the i grobot. it's a little robot shaped planter that grows grass. kind of cheesy, i know - but way nicer then a chia pet. =)

get your own here.
ah, more faux bois goodness. urban outfitters currently has an exclusive woodgrain lomo fisheye camera! i personally love the lomo fisheye and would recommend it to anyone who still believes in purchasing film. at only $38 it can't be beat - get yours today here.
while we were in portland i saw charlotte wearing these cute gloves and insisted i immediately buy a pair. luckily they were from anthropologie and they still had them in stock. i actually got mine in brown, but this brick color is super cute too. you can buy a pair online here.
my brother has been part of his schools drum line group all through high school and travels all around the state and country competing against different schools. apparently it gets pretty cold sometimes, because he buys pocket warmers to keep his fingers from freezing off.

so naturally when i saw
these packin heat hand warmers i thought of him. such a cute alternative to the generic ones available - plus they're only 6 dollars and can be used over and over again. awesome.
happy friday!

portland has a staggering number of artists and crafters alike, but none stole my heart like trish grantham.

her painted works incorporate vintage paper, acrylic, ink, watercolor, and resin on wood. her characters are delightful and contrast beautifully against their aged backgrounds.

check out her adorable site here.

if i had a mantle or an empty fireplace i would so buy a set of these birch candles. available at crate & barrel.
instead of reading pop sugar during your lunch break, use that time to donate rice to the united nations food program. i know what you're thinking, how could donating rice be more entertaining during your lunch break then reading about the train wreck that is britney spears?

a new website called free rice is an online word game where you are shown a word to which you have to match it's definition or synonym. for each word you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to the united nations food program. the words vary in difficulty based on your score. within just a few minutes of playing you can earn a family a full bowl of rice, all while increasing your vocabulary and making you feel better about contributing to the greater good of the world.

so get off this blog and go to free rice now. =)
i saw this bike on red cruiser and just had to chuckle. how could you resist a bike with antlers!?
brilliant. light emitting wallpaper by dutch designer jonas samson.
i have a thing for graphic prints and ever since i stopped working as a graphic designer my love of them has grown even more. there are so many great illustrators and artists out there, but only a handful really make me stop in my tracks.

i'm really liking the creations of erin lang norris. her shop yellow canoe on etsy has a great collection of her works. from jewelry hangers to paintings on wood - each piece is vibrant without being overwhelming. she also has a great blog here.

while in portland marty and charlotte took us to this great street called mississippi avenue. there were all these awesome little shops and it was the first place in portland that reminded me of home.

one place we stopped at was porch light - a shop that sells rustic furniture and furnishings. the majority of the products come directly from the mid-west and exude that great old americana feel.

and don't worry dearies, if you don't live on the west coast you can visit their sister store in west des moines, iowa.

while i was reading designer's library today, i saw a post about a great little book called mundane journeys - a field guide to color by kate pocrass.

at only $5, this little book takes you on visual journey's through san francisco - it looks so amazing. apparently it's available at both green apple books and park life on clement street. if you've never been to either i highly suggest you hit the richmond and grab this little goodie at either of them.

i'm going to grab a copy and hit her routes on the weekends. i'll post pics of some of the journeys soon...
blog of the week: alex noriega of barcelona. like art? then you'll love this blog. not only is alex a talented artist, but he also blogs about other great art. so much eye candy...mmmm, delicious.
omg. i am so smitten with these boots.
unbelievably so. painfully so.

want to do good, but not sure how? feel like you just don't have the time or energy? well, there's no excuse for you boys now that it's movember.

what's movember you ask?

for 30 days registered guys get to grow out their stache, or 'mo' as the australians call it. and you're not just doing it for fun. or to prove how macho you are. no, you're doing for a charity!

register as a user and let your mo grow out for a month. notify your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, random people on the muni - whomever really, that you've registered, send them to the site and have them sponsor you. just like a jog-a-thon in elementary school. except this is cooler.

the money from your sponsors will go to the prostate cancer foundation and your sweet stache and you get to attend a gala party in various cities throughout the world.

and girls - they're looking for support from mo sistas to recruit more boys and show support for those participating. plus, you get to attend the gala party too - and what girl doesn't love a party full of men with wild staches?

go here to register as an individual or team.
i got the new issue of blueprint today while i was out at lunch and came across this great offer from their site - free wrapping paper that you can print yourself!

each print is 11x17 and are all pretty awesome. i especially love the ornamental plaques...yay!

there's this great company called decoradar that creates these amazing wall pieces. instead of just slapping a decal on your wall, you actually paint a small mural and add great resin accessories.

my favorite is the north kit featuring simple tree branches and two resin owls. i'm so in love. so, so in love.
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