want to do good, but not sure how? feel like you just don't have the time or energy? well, there's no excuse for you boys now that it's movember.

what's movember you ask?

for 30 days registered guys get to grow out their stache, or 'mo' as the australians call it. and you're not just doing it for fun. or to prove how macho you are. no, you're doing for a charity!

register as a user and let your mo grow out for a month. notify your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, random people on the muni - whomever really, that you've registered, send them to the site and have them sponsor you. just like a jog-a-thon in elementary school. except this is cooler.

the money from your sponsors will go to the prostate cancer foundation and your sweet stache and you get to attend a gala party in various cities throughout the world.

and girls - they're looking for support from mo sistas to recruit more boys and show support for those participating. plus, you get to attend the gala party too - and what girl doesn't love a party full of men with wild staches?

go here to register as an individual or team.

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