maybe i'm way behind the times here, but did you know target sells flor tiles? yup, they do - and somehow i never knew this. probably because i only get the pleasure of stepping foot in a target every other month or so and well, i'm generally overwhelmed when i do by all the things i want. can't make it to a target store either? don't fret - you can buy them online too!
um, i think this top was made for me. buy one here.
what a whirlwind these last couple of weeks have been! from getting a new puppy, to coming home for the holidays, to endless hours of eating (who knew one person could eat so much?) - it's been pretty busy to say the least. i hope you all had an awesome holiday and i'll be back to regular postings this week...!

i was browsing through neon polish today when i came across a great post about makool loves you. i had heard about this shop from a friend, but totally forgot what the name was by the time our conversation was over, so i was elated to see a link to their site today.

of course, such handmade cuteness comes from none other then portland, oregon - yet another reason i absolutely love that town. who knew so many crafty people could be condensed into such a small place?

check out more of their awesomeness
they say when someone mimics you, you should consider it the sincerest form of flattery. i have to agree - it is VERY flattering. but sometimes, it's not a good thing.

i get a lot of emails from people asking for help with their templates or suggestions on where to get unique layouts for their blogs. after all, we all want to stand out from the crowd and to create something our readers will find aesthetically pleasing. but i think one thing most of us bloggers can agree upon is that we don't like our layouts ripped off - especially when we put considerable time into creating them.

as i've told many people who have written to me before, my layout is not available as a template for other sites. i'm more then happy to direct any of you to great designers, sites with more easy to use designs then you could think of or to answer any questions you have on coding, but don't steal mine. that's just tacky.

little elliott has been a riot to live with this last week and half. she's a little fireball and keeps me on my toes 24-7. naturally i couldn't stop working, so i've been going home in the middle of the day every day to let her out and play a bit. i couldn't help but wonder how and what she does for the rest of the day though...

since she's being crate trained i decided to set up my laptop in front of her with skype on - this way i can call my skype account from work and keep an eye on her. she's asleep most of the time, but sometimes i see her playing around like a little monkey with her toys or barking at diego.

i can't wait for this weekend when we all head home for the holidays where i can spend a lot of time with her and get her further trained. she's already housebroken and understands the sit command, but we still have a long ways to go with everything else. like holding onto my pants when i walk. last i checked, jeans weren't made to drag puppies across apartment floors.
i love colored pencils. i love their smell, texture and vibrant colors. i love sharpening them and shading with them. i love everything about them. so of course, i had post about this colored pencil fence. i am so making one of these one day.
i love jewelry. not fancy diamond type stuff - i'm more for the unique, vintage and handmade type. i tend to find a lot of amazing pieces on etsy - like luxe deluxe.

based in the uk, adrienne has tons of amazing little pieces that i absolutely adore. while it's a little late to buy anything in time for christmas if you're in the states, you can still check out her shop here.

tyvek tri-fold faux bois wallet
$15 and totally awesome as a stocking stuffer...
still wondering what to get people for christmas? here are a few ideas that are cute and totally practical...

egg breakfast set -
includes one egg cup, one spoon & one mini egg salt shaker.

memo dinner ware. (i am totally in love with these...)

when i was a kid i had all sorts of whacky backpacks that my mom would get me from germany. they weren't too big a hit at the time, but kids these days seem to be more progressive, or well, at least their parents are.

if i had a little one, i would totally buy one of these backpacks by zid zid. i especially love the little bus. too cute... buy them here.
thank you all for the wonderful comments and emails about little elli. she's acclimating well to her new home and is a total peach.

some of you have emailed about what breed she is - so i figured i would just answer that here for anyone else who is interested. she's a mutt, but predominately dalmation and lab. you can't really tell in the photos, but she is actually chocolate brown and white, not black and white.

she's amazingly mild tempered and LOVES hot dogs. she's under 12 pounds now, but we honestly have no idea how large she will get. she was a runt in the litter, so hopefully she won't outgrow me. =) above is a pic of her when she was just a wee one...

please welcome the newest addition to the family - our little girl elliott. =)

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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