little elliott has been a riot to live with this last week and half. she's a little fireball and keeps me on my toes 24-7. naturally i couldn't stop working, so i've been going home in the middle of the day every day to let her out and play a bit. i couldn't help but wonder how and what she does for the rest of the day though...

since she's being crate trained i decided to set up my laptop in front of her with skype on - this way i can call my skype account from work and keep an eye on her. she's asleep most of the time, but sometimes i see her playing around like a little monkey with her toys or barking at diego.

i can't wait for this weekend when we all head home for the holidays where i can spend a lot of time with her and get her further trained. she's already housebroken and understands the sit command, but we still have a long ways to go with everything else. like holding onto my pants when i walk. last i checked, jeans weren't made to drag puppies across apartment floors.
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