new years means new calendars and i LOVE calendars. i've had more variations of date books, desk calendars, wall calendars & art calendars then i can keep track of.

through the years, i've come to love two calendars more then any other. one completely practical, one simple and beautiful...

the real simple calendar is my favorite monthly calendar. it comes with 4 sheets of blank stickers that can be placed, removed & repositioned on the pages - and did i mention they come in assorted colors and are actually big enough to write on? love it.

for those of you that just need a calendar to know what day it is and also happen to like looking at beautiful things, i suggest the pentagram typography calendar. each month features a different typeface - the 2008 calendar features 12 typefaces designed by matthew carter.


Jessica said...

I love the new calendars that have been coming out recently .They are so colorful and detailed. Amazing really!

Laura said...

Oh yes, I bought that pentagram calendar for my sister last year. A great gift for a graphic designer, typography nerd, or minimalist fan.

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