as much as i'm a creature of habit, i'm also gluttonous for change. i don't know if it's because i moved so often growing up or if i'm just down right neurotic, but i constantly want to change things. from things as simple as my dishes to as extreme as where i live, there's always something i'm ready to switch out for something new.

as i'm looking for a new apartment to move to i've decided to also look for new living room furniture. i have a fabulous over sized leather living room set, but it's time for something different in my life.

with elliott in the house i've been torn between going with leather again or going with a fabric i can wash. i came across the jasper collection at room & board and am so in love. it's just so expensive - anyone seen anything similar out there? i love the variety of covers they have too - i could stock up and change my couches every few months if i wanted!

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