i've been searching for a new apartment to move into and one of the common problems i find is a complete lack of privacy - generally as a result of your windows looking directly into someone else's windows. more often then not, it's in the bathroom or bedroom - the two places you want the most privacy.

a lot of people simply put up blinds, but i can't deal with that kind of darkness. generally sheers will do just the trick, but really small windows, especially those in bathrooms seem to have no solution.

luckily there is one, and a stylish one at that.
these window films allow you to cover up your windows while still letting in ample light. ikea has a similar product, but it's a plain frosted roll of adhesive. i think the graphic prints give it a nice touch and give just enough privacy from peeping toms. just add water and slap it on.

not sold on it yet? try out their sample set - for only $5 you can't go wrong.

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M-Eyes said...

thats exactly what we need!

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