little elli is 3 months old now and getting bigger by the minute. no seriously. if i look away from her and look back, she's grown another inch. it's amazing.

she spent the last two weeks at oliver's while we were down south for the holidays and loved it. she played in the yard, made a new friend with the giant known as choki and grew and grew and grew.

she's the most rambunctious creature i've ever met and will chew on just about anything she can wrap her mouth around. her favorite chew toy? that would be my hand. and leg. and ears. and just about any other part of me, or anyone else for that matter, that she can clamp on to.

yet, while she can be a total wild thing, she is equally calm, collected and reserved. she's just as content playing on her own as playing with you. her toys are littered throughout the house and she's always quick to pick one up, lay on the rug and chomp for awhile.

as i had mentioned earlier, we decided to crate train elli - it's been working wonders. she seems to love it and naps in there on her own all the time. she buries her bones and treats in her bed - like she's saving little midnight snacks for when she wakes up in the middle of the night she can munch on under the covers.

we spend countless hours watching her just be alive and are amazed at everything she does. we have more pictures of her then we do of ourselves and i can only imagine how many more we will have in the upcoming years. despite the responsibility, commitment, poop scooping and tiring training, i wouldn't trade her for the world...

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