part of my christmas gift from jess this year came in an awesome paper bag made out of newspaper. mind you, this plastic bag was holding a pretty heavy teapot plus some other amazing little goodies - none of which were particularly light as a feather.

i've been searching around the web to find out about this little newspaper bag and finally came across one on rock paper scissors. apparently they are made in japan by a womans cooperative - each one handcrafted out of local newspapers. i've yet to figure out how they make them so durable, but it's still pretty cool if you ask me.


Jess said...

the real tragedy of it being that this was actually your bday present delayed so long as to be mistaken for a xmas gift. eek. ANYWAY. i'm so happy you're getting some use out of it! they're tough little suckers, aren't they?

design for mankind. said...

A gift for you:

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