see that deep red zone? right over that little line that represents the bay area? yep. that's where i am. i wish i was further east, where it's really red. that's not the bay area - that's tahoe, where they have reportedly been getting an inch of snow per hour. that's all on top of the 6 inches they got last night.

i'm happy to say i'm finally dry. still umbrella-less, but dry. and i don't even feel bad about my commute this morning because i heard a story worse then mine. a gust of wind downtown got caught in a girls umbrella - instead of her umbrella flipping inside out like the rest of ours, it carried her off the sidewalk and dropped her off in a gutter. and not an empty gutter. the gutter was more like a small river on the side of the road.

when i inquired into what type of umbrella she had i found out it was the windefyer from sharper image. at only 30 bucks and proof that it will outlast 60 mph winds, how could one say no? if only it weren't so monsoon like, i would go buy one right now.

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