so do you ever have one of those moments where you're watching reality tv and realize you know someone on the show? it's been happening to me a lot lately, probably because everyone on tv seems to be from orange county these days.

so i'm watching project runway last night (the episode where they make prom dresses) and they flash a picture of kit with her prom date. let me just say this was the first time in my life i really wished i had tivo because i instantly realized i knew both the people in the photo. but i was totally confused because the girl in the photo looked nothing like kit. she looked like a girl i went to school with who went to prom with "mr. popular".

so i'm sitting there clueless as to what i just saw with weird flashbacks to my high school years at a private catholic school just outside the community where they film the real housewives of orange county. then it hits me, kit pistol is a girl named christina i went to high school with.
so of course i text jess to let her know, and naturally she had seen the episode too and was wracking her own brain as to who the hell that girl was. she was nice enough to scan in some high school yearbook photos for me...much too funny. i never thought one of the preppy girls from a little catholic school would ever become a really cool fashion designer on one of my favorite tv shows. and she's actually a spectacular designer who i've been hoping would make it to the end. i wonder what her old prom date thinks of her now - i mean *gasp* she smokes AND has tattoos - he may go to hell for just dancing with her.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, that's too funny! How people change!

MaSRade said...

This is awesome. Watching the episode with Courtney our jaws dropped when she mentioned she was from the OC. I was going to put my feelers out to see if anyone knew glad you posted this!

JESS said...

i actually ran cross country with this girl (if you can believe it) but i couldn't find any of the old team photos. christina in her track suit would've been awesome.

MaSRade said...

Awww...I'm so sad she got cut last night!!

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