today angie and i ventured around town and made a stop to check out the smart car. i've been debating getting one of these for a couple months now. i know, i just sold my scion, so why on earth would i want another car? because this is a car i could park virtually anywhere in the city.

you know - those tiny little curbs that even a mini cooper is too big for. or those times when you stare at a spot that's three feet too short all because one person didn't pull their car up as far as they could have. those are all awesome parking spots for the smart.

i had held off on making a decision because i'm incapable of agreeing to buy anything i've never seen before. it's why i don't buy clothes online. i suffer from horrific buyers remorse before the thing has even showed up - so i can only imagine what i would be like if i ordered a car sight unseen.

i have to admit, angie and i were pleasantly surprised by the little guy. it was so roomy inside - and so simple. no fancy buttons. no crazy lcd talking map thingies. just a basic car to get you from point a to point b and back again. after about .5 seconds i decided i wanted one - i can putt-putt all over the city with little "i'm all legs" elliott and quite possibly never spend another morning in a monsoon like rainstorm trying to get to work. unless of course my car gets blown away by the 75 mph winds.

hooray for smart!

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