the weather outside in s.f. right now is insanity. as i waited for a bus (or cab or a miracle really) this morning, i had the pleasure of watching christmas trees, trash cans, shop signs, and broken umbrellas fly down the street, right towards me and everyone else on the sidewalk. it was like my own mini obstacle course. how far can you go without getting hit my debris AND keep your umbrella intact? in my case, no further then 1.5 blocks. i don't even want to think of all the umbrellas i went through today. all before 11 am. the next time i leave my house in this weather i'm taking the advice of many fellow bus riders and wearing snow boarding gear. they were the only ones not completely miserable out in the rain for an hour...

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bougiebomb said...

omg. Thats insane!
I also can't believe some poor girl got carried away down a street with an umbrella.
Too brutal.

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