finding a new living room set is turning out to be a little more difficult then i anticipated. as you can see, there are two insets to either side of the fireplace that need filling, but i'll be damned if i can find anything.

my tv is currently on a sideboard that has worked really well over the years. while most tv units are on the short end, the height of this unit (approx 3 ft) has been awesome. i can put it anywhere and still be able to see the tv. most consoles for tvs average just around 2 ft which to me, is just too low, especially if it's going to be flanked by a 6 ft ma
ntle. i was hoping to do two matching units on either side of the fireplace, but think i will need to get one side board and one standard bookshelf - nothing too high, but just enough to balance the other side. ikea was futile - everything that was reasonably priced for ikea furniture was either a little too big or a little too small. so i decided to hit the web and see what i can find.

i really like stow tv console from room & board. while priced slightly on the high end, it's just the right height, width and neutrality that i need.

the copenhagen would be awesome - it would go great with the new couches and with the drop down door i could hide the tv when i'm tired of it.

i would of course then feel compelled to get the copenhagen bookcase, but at 58 in. maybe it would be too many tall pieces in one living room? anyone have some suggestions on great places to find furniture for reasonable prices in the city?

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