okay, i think i finally have my living room figured out. after browsing through website after website after website of furniture stores i've decided to finally give in and buy my living room set at west elm.

some of you may remember these chairs and couch i posted a couple weeks back. i ordered them in brown leather - 2 chairs for the bay window and one couch for along the wall. (these are from ikea)

i want to get this sideboard as my new tv stand. just a few inches off from my current stand, this sideboard has open space for the cable box, dvd player and the wii while still offering coveted covered storage.

the coffee table and side table repeat the same metal legs that both the couch and side board have and include a little more storage space with small drawers in the wooden tops.

now all that's left is finding a bookcase to match and a nice area rug - like the cable rug, also available at west elm. the thought of actually walking into a west elm store and walking out with a purchase makes me giddy beyond belief. now i just have to learn self control in the next 72 hours to ensure i don't get too carried away the second i walk in the doors...


Enzie Shahmiri said...

Very chic and contemporary!

Joanna Goddard said...

that chair looks soooo comfy.

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