while i was cleaning out my camera last night i came across some videos of elli when she was a wee pup - she was so damned cute it kills me. her pudgy little legs and fat head were the greatest things ever. so much so that i thought filming her while she ate was AWESOME.

she's now matured into a lanky spaz who still steals my heart every waking moment, aside from the times when she's devouring one of my limbs. she'll be 5 months old this week which is crazy to me. i feel like we've only been together a few weeks, when in fact it's been a few months. this video is of elliott in the new apartment yesterday - i bought her a sheepskin rug to sleep on, but that couldn't happen until she was sure it was dead and could never possibly come back to life and devour her.

i have no idea what to expect when i move her into her new home. these next few weeks will be a little hectic for her as we move and then drive down south for a few days to visit her papa. she has been infinitely patient with everything she's gone through, especially if steak and cheese are part of the program. she's graduated from puppy kindergarten and still does nothing on command, but rather when she thinks it's cute, which is basically when she's done something horribly wrong - like step in her own poop and then step on me. she's finally learned to play with other dogs which entails her rolling on her back waiting for them to think it's entertaining. some actually fall for her tactic, but most walk right on by leaving her at a complete loss as to how they didn't see how cute she is. humans fall for it every time - why not dogs?

as summer approaches i know our lives together will only get better. from camping trips to days at the beach, she'll finally get to enjoy the great outdoors without getting wet or slipping in mud. she'll be a happy active pup, and a happy pup means a happy mama...

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Enzie Shahmiri said...

OHHHH so super cute! I love thos epudgy legs too. Now if only there was a video of a little toddler running around calling playing with Elli and calling grandma. Now that would just be to die for! LOL

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