i feel like every creative department needs one of these. designed by cristian zuzunaga, the fabric is based on the wonder of pixels. i wonder if they're pantone colors...available at moroso.

(via swissmiss)
sears, is that you? i don't even remember the last time i stepped into a sears. i almost want to say it was when i was looking for a fridge a few years ago, but even that i have doubts about. i can't say i ever equated sears with anything fabulous, but i have to admit, these collections by ty pennington are rather decent for people looking for a new look that won't break the bank. i haven't seen them in person, so i can't attest to the quality, but the style ain't that bad!

sometimes when life gets you down you have to remember you can always find beauty in adversity...
calling all san franciscans - tomorrow night (thurs the 27th) musee mecanique is playing at the rickshaw stop here in the city. i promise this a show you do not want to miss. i love love love them. they are:

1 part melodic invention
1 parts melancholy

1 part various harmonic functions

fondness for what has passed

want to listen to some of their music? check out the songs they have listed on their myspace page here. i'm sure you'll be sold after you do...
my mom finished yet another portrait, this time of amal, a young girl from pakistan. if you're interested in a commissioned portrait or buying any of her work, visit her site here.
i {heart} spring.

why is everything 5 months away? the weekend of the outside lands festival is also the same weekend that burning man officially kicks off for 2008. i'm definitely planning on going again this year - just this time a little more low key. i'll probably just go for the latter half of the week and camp this time around. man, manu chao and burning man in the same week - i just might die of happiness. =P
just wanted to say thanks to all my awesome readers across the globe. if you ever have anything you want posted from your home town drop me a line - seenatalieblog[at]gmail[dot]com...
okay, so it's only the end of march but in 5 months the city is going to be rockin in golden gate park for 3 days during the outside lands festival. 3 days people. 3 days of awesome bands including my favorite - manu chao! not enough to sell you? how about radiohead, tom petty & the heartbreakers, jack johnson, beck, primus and more...gah, i can't wait!!!

over the weekend i drove to southern california with elliott to be a minister at a wedding. i had signed up years ago to be a registered reverend for kicks and i finally was able to put it to use for my mom's cousin who wanted a non-denominational ceremony. the bride was beautiful (aren't they all?) and all in all everything went smoothly. it was a fun and interesting experience - something i'm sure i'll probably do again one day.
sometimes you have to learn the hard way that your dad is generally right. i think i'll listen from now on... =)

jose gonzalez is playing a show here next thursday with mia doi todd. i want to go just to hear this cover again. and to cry. because men with such beautiful voices who sing such beautiful things always leave me in tears...
this poetry nightstand is super cute. 4 drawers let you put away your belongings while looking like you really read A LOT. especially while you're sleeping.

one of my favorite people in the world has been devoting his time in southern california to fighting the creation of a new toll road directly through san onofre state park. the video above (featuring marty in all his awesomeness) will give you a brief idea of what's happening and why citizens are fighting the creation of yet another toll road through our back yards.

want to learn more? check out these sites:
surfrider - save trestles site.


save trestles facebook page.

(nice work - miss you dude...)

i saw these over on tokyo bunnie and had to repost. these are hello kitty bento boxes - quite possibly the cutest bento boxes i have ever seen. i'll take two please...
i decided a really long time ago that if i ever chose to start a family that consisted of an actual human child and not another 4 legged animal, i would have to adopt. so of course when i hear stories of people trying to adopt children, especially abroad, i can't help but get excited for them.

one such story is the
dunn family who are trying to adopt a little one from ethiopa. i found out about them from the junkposse etsy shop that is selling the heart for africa necklace as a fund raiser to help the dunn family cover their travel expenses related to the adoption. (okay fine, it's the dunn's soon to be baby's grandmother - but it's still awesome!)

check out the shop here.

good luck dunn's!
the last week of my life would make a fantastic episode of vh1's best week ever. i don't even want to get into the details - but i'll be back to blogging on monday. intermission begins now...

this is a short film by our friend robin brown. aside from the endearing subtleties throughout, i really love it because it reminds me of those moments when you totally crush on a person and start to fall in love. quite possibly the best feeling in the world...
if i were in antwerp i would so be buying all my friends these delectable marzipan treats by eugene & louise bakery. they are fantastically adorable!

some new threadless tee's i'm loving - get your own here.

i love glass jars in the kitchen. i probably got it from my mom who would remove the labels off all her glass jars of pasta sauce, marmalades and whatever else came in glass to re-use for around the kitchen and to house her collection of colored pencils.

so naturally when i saw these glass jar toppers on core77 i couldn't help but fall in love.

each glass jar can be transformed into easy to use kitchen ware like a sugar pot, water jug and oil & vinegar set. and with matching lids you can make different glass containers look like a matching set. my only question is, what size does the top of the jar have to be for these to fit?
mr. fishie is sick. i'm not quite sure what happened to him, but he's not a happy camper right now. he seemed fine all of yesterday and late last night he fell ill and was completely unable to keep from floating to the top of the tank. he generally sleeps down on the rocks, but instead, he slept floating looking exactly like a dead fish. naturally i am completely incapable of letting nature take it's course and made his tank like his own little intensive care unit. there's an extra oxygen-generating stick and fishie enzymes to help keep his little scales shiny and strong. a few dechlorination drops for safe measure, a little extra food and lights out.

this morning he was sleeping back down at the bottom of the tank, so at least his buoyancy issue has been resolved, but he still wasn't back up to par. i'm hoping the little guy pulls through - i've had him for over a year now, have
saved his life with my bare hands and simply adore his abnormally large head - who knew a fish could become such a part of the family?
i'm finally in my new place! with oliver's unbelievable help i managed to get out of my last apartment and fully set up in my new apartment over the course of this last weekend. and let me say, i LOVE it.

when i first got the apartment i was a little taken aback by the bathroom. it wasn't exactly the kind of place that gave you that good clean feeling. so i decided to focus my efforts there and with some help from oliver it's like a whole new room.

when i moved in the toilet wouldn't flush and the sink looked like something you would see in a mens room in a bar. all it was missing was some graffiti and some chunks taken out of the side. it had to go. we found a great sink with awesome cabinet space and a faucet set that matches the one in the tub - all for $100 at home depot.

i patched up the holes in the walls, bleached the floors, repainted (a similar but brighter color), fixed the toilet and had oliver install the sink and our dual shower head in the bath. while we were limited on how much we could actually do on a tight budget, we managed to make the space practical and functional, with just a little more style. we still need a new light fixture and some new containers for our shelves, but we can at least shower without feeling gross.

i'm still waiting for all my living room furniture to arrive but i'll be sure to post pics once it's all set up!
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