i'm finally in my new place! with oliver's unbelievable help i managed to get out of my last apartment and fully set up in my new apartment over the course of this last weekend. and let me say, i LOVE it.

when i first got the apartment i was a little taken aback by the bathroom. it wasn't exactly the kind of place that gave you that good clean feeling. so i decided to focus my efforts there and with some help from oliver it's like a whole new room.

when i moved in the toilet wouldn't flush and the sink looked like something you would see in a mens room in a bar. all it was missing was some graffiti and some chunks taken out of the side. it had to go. we found a great sink with awesome cabinet space and a faucet set that matches the one in the tub - all for $100 at home depot.

i patched up the holes in the walls, bleached the floors, repainted (a similar but brighter color), fixed the toilet and had oliver install the sink and our dual shower head in the bath. while we were limited on how much we could actually do on a tight budget, we managed to make the space practical and functional, with just a little more style. we still need a new light fixture and some new containers for our shelves, but we can at least shower without feeling gross.

i'm still waiting for all my living room furniture to arrive but i'll be sure to post pics once it's all set up!

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Who is this Oliver and will he come to my place?

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