mr. fishie is sick. i'm not quite sure what happened to him, but he's not a happy camper right now. he seemed fine all of yesterday and late last night he fell ill and was completely unable to keep from floating to the top of the tank. he generally sleeps down on the rocks, but instead, he slept floating looking exactly like a dead fish. naturally i am completely incapable of letting nature take it's course and made his tank like his own little intensive care unit. there's an extra oxygen-generating stick and fishie enzymes to help keep his little scales shiny and strong. a few dechlorination drops for safe measure, a little extra food and lights out.

this morning he was sleeping back down at the bottom of the tank, so at least his buoyancy issue has been resolved, but he still wasn't back up to par. i'm hoping the little guy pulls through - i've had him for over a year now, have
saved his life with my bare hands and simply adore his abnormally large head - who knew a fish could become such a part of the family?


Generation Next said...

The fish-life saving story made me laugh and smile at the end of a long day, so thanks for that.

M-Eyes said...

at least your lasted longer then mine
i miss Alf

Anonymous said...

but yes fish do become a part of the family! we had our Samantha for over two years. and yes, she too fell ill a couple of times but she was a trooper! She also slept on the bottom of the tank and after a year she developed a fungus on her eye. i cleaned her tank every day and or every other day. i also have three lovebirds which also became close to her they all shared the same spot in the living room. our birds would get so upset when i would clean her tank and chirp till she came back. we miss our Sam sooo much!

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