i love fresh business cards that make you pay attention to them. these ones were designed in brazil for marisa schmidt silva - a couples therapist. too cute.
i rarely wish i was in la, but just this once, i kind of do. thinkspace galleries is having an awesome exhibit featuring caia koopman, kelly vivanco, lilly piri, & catherine brooks. the exhibit runs from may 9 - june 4...

i first heard of david foldvari over on spray glue and totally fell in love. i totally have a thing for when artists illustrate men. there's so many feminine images out there, so it's refreshing to see males in the mix. i pretty much want to line my hallway with his work...love it.

check out david's blog

i finally had my housewarming party this weekend which was long overdue. the apartment isn't done quite yet, but everything was out of boxes and put away. i have a thing for themed parties so this time we went with 'ghetto fabulous' and hot damn was it fun. we had fried chicken with all the fixins and a kiddie pool filled with beer. most everyone dressed the part and the weather seriously could not have been better. and the ever growing compilation of hip hop hits was fierce. big love to all of you who made it out - i had a blast. =)

happy friday!
omg. omg. omg.

stone temple pilots are playing at the greek with black rebel motorcycle club!


that so just made my day...

happy earth day!

seeing as i rarely sit at my dining table, i have absolutely no use for these. but omg do i want them! these recycled paper placements are a great little something to get yourself for earth day! get your own here!

there are few things i love in the world more then new music, especially when the recommendation comes from great friends. marty recently introduced me to 'why?' - a band from none other then oakland, ca.

check out their myspace page here and read a review of their awesomeness here.

(literary maps of jack kerouac's 'on the road' by stefanie posavec - via notcot)

an engineers guide to cats
thanks roz!

so i've decided to keep making you all mix tapes of some of my favorite music and will try to post a new one each week. this week is a compilation of some of my favorite modern female vocalists - from remixed nina simone to ladytron and a little pj harvey too. enjoy!
i am crazy for sam flores so of course when i saw this shower curtain i almost peed my pants. if i had a bigger bathroom i would so buy it...i almost feel like i should order it for the day i do have a bigger bathroom. get yours here.

i've been slowly getting settled into my new apartment and have finally started working on the bedroom. i had been itching for a new set of bedding that would brighten up the space and make the bed the focal point of the room, which was surprisingly harder then i thought it would be. most quilts and duvet covers are either really neutral or covered in dark graphic prints, neither of which would work in my space.

i finally caved and spent the cash on the
chika hothouse quilt from anthropologie. i'd been eyeing the set for awhile and was worried it was well, too girly for me. in the end, i couldn't be happier with it. the back side is super neutral, so if the loud prints tires me, i can flip it over for a nice white back with a much smaller print in baby blue and pale yellow.

i'm having my house warming party in a couple weeks, which means i need to finish up the apartment. i'll post pics of the place once it's complete. =)

i love coming across blogs i've never seen before that are absolutely fantastic. case in point: making it lovely - a terrific blog by designer nicole balch.(you may recognize nicole's work from the great shop pink loves brown)

her eye for design is awe inspiring (check out her guest room redesign here) and her new puppy is reason alone to keep going back. she basically makes me want to re-do every room of my yet to be finished apartment over and over again...
happy friday!
(via running nessa)
rest in peace fishie - we'll miss you...

i know i've said it a million times before, but living in this city you have to be pretty inventive when trying to maximize your space, especially if you live in an apartment like i do. resource furniture has an awesome collection of couches, beds and work stations that all expand and contract to help save you space. my personal favorite is the doc couch that expands into a bunk bed. i would love to have one of these in my office for when guests come to town. check out their site here.

my mom sent me this video and i thought it was just the right way to start off the week - enjoy!

at one point in my life i had to actually acknowledge the fact that i would potentially one day live in zurich. not that it was a bad thing, just not exactly a place i ever thought of moving to just because. had i known how unbelievably cool the google office is there i would have thought about it more enthusiastically. they have a slide people - a giant slide. the whole place looks so painfully cool i can't handle it. pics via tiptoe.

in the last couple years i've made it a point to travel when it's my birthday. i figure instead of dreading being another year older, i can spend that time looking forward to a nice getaway that i earned by making it through yet another year. (as if my life is really that difficult)

so this year my good friend vanessa and i have decided to go to hawaii! i can't wait. we're going to the beautiful island of kauai for a few days of lounging in the sun on the south shore. vanessa has somehow convinced me we should go on a helicopter tour which sounds like absolute insanity to me, but well, why not? who wouldn't want to spend their birthday like a dragon fly in the air? then there's kayaking and hiking and snorkeling and of course, a whole lot of sunbathing. yay!!! i love birthdays. =)

my best friend jess and i used to make mix tapes for one another ALL the time back in high school. now we just exchange cds of mp3s, but it's still not the same as figuring out a really great mix for someone. online mix tapes have been popping up in recent months and my favorite thus far is mixwit.com. type in the songs you want and it scours the web for them, add it to your playlist, customize your tapes appearance and voila! you have a new mix tape. it has an easy uploader too so you can post to your facebook, myspace, blogger, etc.
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