i love coming across blogs i've never seen before that are absolutely fantastic. case in point: making it lovely - a terrific blog by designer nicole balch.(you may recognize nicole's work from the great shop pink loves brown)

her eye for design is awe inspiring (check out her guest room redesign here) and her new puppy is reason alone to keep going back. she basically makes me want to re-do every room of my yet to be finished apartment over and over again...


Enzie Shahmiri said...

Re-do every room?! Why don't you head over to my blog and see what I have for you there.

Erin Lang Norris said...

thank you for pointing these out! i used to visit making it lovely a lot. and then when my computer died, i lost all my bookmarks and i'm still trying to find them all again.

i know i know...i need to get a feed.

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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