in the last couple years i've made it a point to travel when it's my birthday. i figure instead of dreading being another year older, i can spend that time looking forward to a nice getaway that i earned by making it through yet another year. (as if my life is really that difficult)

so this year my good friend vanessa and i have decided to go to hawaii! i can't wait. we're going to the beautiful island of kauai for a few days of lounging in the sun on the south shore. vanessa has somehow convinced me we should go on a helicopter tour which sounds like absolute insanity to me, but well, why not? who wouldn't want to spend their birthday like a dragon fly in the air? then there's kayaking and hiking and snorkeling and of course, a whole lot of sunbathing. yay!!! i love birthdays. =)


Morgan said...

If you have any questions about what to do let me know. I only spent 4 months there! I know all the secrets. :)

M-Eyes said...

i want to go

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