i stumbled upon otaku magazine today and in it found deviant artist christodelosrabitos. i wish this stuff was decorating the streets of sf. check out the whole collection on deviantart - there's some pretty dope stuff in there.
a blog devoted to the ampersand? could it be? i think i am in love...

check it here.
nessa and i are back from hawaii and it was AMAZING! i wish i was still there. i don't think we could have found a better balance of lazy mornings and busy afternoons, singing in the car and driving along the north shore in silence and awe. i'm lagging in uploading all my pictures, but i'll post them up shortly, i promise. mahalo yo!
i love honey. especially honey that comes in stellar packaging. yum.
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i want. i need. must have now.

get yours here.

super cute pillows from kanibal home.

a little gem from rebekah...

dearest ladies. thank you for one of the best birthday weekends EVER. i love you, i love you, i love you. and now i need a nap.

when i say ping, you say pong. ping...PONG!

sorry for the brief hiatus. this week was, well, i don't even know how to describe it. it was heavy. some of it was surreal and some of it was so good it couldn't have been happening. but it was. and the only answer in my life to weeks like these is dancing in my apartment to great bands like this one. i'm pretty sure it's impossible to sit still when this album is on. so enjoy and i'll be back to posting next week...


mmm, type. check out this awesome site all on typefaces: typeSQL. lovely.

i picked up another envirosax the other week and saw they had a new kids line out that is wicked cute. the bags aren't much smaller then the standard bags and are oh so tempting to own...
i ventured out to the legion of honor this weekend to finally check out the annie liebowitz exhibit - a retrospect on her work from 1990 - 2005. i was there for hours. i pretty much didn't want to leave. i want the bulk of the exhibit in my house. especially the two portraits of william s. burroughs in his garage...i think i momentarily stopped breathing when i saw them. the exhibit ends may 25 so if you haven't seen it yet, get there as soon as you can - see details here.
i was talking with a friend last night about music (i think this is all we ever talk about, right man?) and we were discussing personality defining songs. i feel like there's so many memory defining songs - i could make a soundtrack to my entire life in a heartbeat. but what about songs that define your frame of mind? you know, those songs you hear & feel like it's your soul pouring through your headphones? yeah, those songs.

so i'll open it up to all of you - what's your song?

need some inspiration? here are two that get me every time...

j. boogie - try me (feat. goapele and capital a)

cottonbelly - by your side (feat. sade)

this exhibit would probably creep me out and/or make me cry, but i want to see it SO bad.

noch mal leben is a collection of portraits of the dying. walter schels (photographer) and beate lakotta (journalist) pulled together the collection of 26 portraits at hospices in northern germany. i have no idea if and when this will make it's way to the states, but i have to see it if it does.

stunning, absolutely stunning.

excuse me while i geek out for a minute here. lindsay just sent me a link to the new igoogle artist themes.

artists include
camilla engman, shepard fairey, jeff koons and a handful more to choose from...


do you ever have one of those moments when you hear a song you haven't heard in awhile and you think "this song fucking rocks"? i totally had one of those moments today, so for your listening pleasure, my favorite man on the wheels of steel - dj shadow.

damnit. that's all i can say about this because i missed it and i totally would have flown to london for it.

this last weekend banksy organized a 3 day open exhibit in an abandoned tunnel and invited artists from around the world to pitch in. stencils, installations and a whole lotta spray paint - sounds like heaven to me. oh, and did i mention the public could take part?

damnit. damnit. damnit.

check out a fierce collection of images
orange county, china? seriously? made to look like orange county, ca? as in 'the oc'? really...? why? i'm feeling disturbed. a little ill actually. read the article about china's rendition of orange county here.

saw these on jess' blog today and just about keeled over. they're only $12 for all 3 - get yours (or a set for me) at my little underground.

don't protest:visual essay about social apathy and the culture of protestation.

by jean jullien.
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