i was talking with a friend last night about music (i think this is all we ever talk about, right man?) and we were discussing personality defining songs. i feel like there's so many memory defining songs - i could make a soundtrack to my entire life in a heartbeat. but what about songs that define your frame of mind? you know, those songs you hear & feel like it's your soul pouring through your headphones? yeah, those songs.

so i'll open it up to all of you - what's your song?

need some inspiration? here are two that get me every time...

j. boogie - try me (feat. goapele and capital a)

cottonbelly - by your side (feat. sade)


JESS said...

oh lordy, one of these topics. must fight the urge to write an essay. oh that cottonbelly song (good dancin times a million times)... j boogie, always fantastic...

so ok, defining frames of mind... it's a revolving door, but i'll take metal heart by cat power and robert smith's entire repertoire any day.

dave said...

how did you narrow it down to two songs? i would say 'night nurse' by gregory isaacs. (the original, not the remixed ones) i know you love that one too. ;)

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