this exhibit would probably creep me out and/or make me cry, but i want to see it SO bad.

noch mal leben is a collection of portraits of the dying. walter schels (photographer) and beate lakotta (journalist) pulled together the collection of 26 portraits at hospices in northern germany. i have no idea if and when this will make it's way to the states, but i have to see it if it does.

stunning, absolutely stunning.

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JESS said...

I read about this. I agree the photography is beautiful, but I simply wouldn't have the stomach for an entire show. The human project - fascinating, I admit - was enough for me. Granted, this artist is approaching the subject much more tastefully than Gregor Schneider - the German performance artist who is currently on a hunt for terminally ill patients willing to die on a gallery floor in front of a viewing audience. That, to me, is unacceptable.

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