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me - a breathtaking video for 'all i need'...

this weekend my cousin dave came into town and he, lisa & i decided to play tourist and venture out to alcatraz. lisa and i brought our labbits, monty & winston for a little photo shoot out on the island. who knew two vinyl toys could be so entertaining and so damn cute? check out all the pics here.

a little lego goodness for you all. check out some more photo recreations here.

okay, instead of me telling you what music i think you should listen to, i'll let this site tell you. musicovery is an interactive site that lets you set the mood, time period and genre(s) of music you're into and it builds out a pretty little diagram of fabulous songs that you can listen to right then and there. so dope.
my brother sent me a link to this awesome poster site that seriously has some amazing prints. i don't even know which ones i would choose, but these are a few of my favorites. totally reasonably priced (about $11 per print) and if you're not looking for posters you can get them in a set of 6 postcards for the same price.
i stumbled upon scribbler and totally fell in love. you create a basic line drawing and it scribbles it in for you. you can even pause it while it's scribbling in your drawing to get it just the way you like it. so awesome.

The Cloud - from mitmobileexperiencelab on Vimeo.

leave it up to the folks at mit to come up with something this amazing.
the cloud is "an organic sculptural landmark that responds to human interaction and expresses context awareness using hundreds of sensors and over 15,000 individually addressable optical fibers." how they even came up with such a thing is beyond my comprehension.

matt - i don't know where the hell you are,
but i love you and your horrible dance.

sorry i missed your party - my new favorite site of the day. party pictures from flickr with hilarious commentary. LOVE it.
want new music? want new free music? want new free music that i really think you should have? good. download the newest girl talk album here. you decide how much you want to pay - don't feel like paying anything, then don't. $5 or more gets you flac files and if you pay $10 you'll get the actual cd once it's released. want to check out girl talk before you download? check out the myspace page here.

i admittedly don't have many pillows in my apartment - they constantly wind up on the floor with either elli or diego sleeping on top of them. but if i did, i would probably want some like these. i wonder where i could find fabric like the ones they used - the options would be limitless. get your own here.

i blogged about these bad boys a couple months ago and they're finally here! don't feel like venturing out to the post office? order them online here.
alright, i know - it's like 100 degrees out and i'm blogging about a scarf. but seriously, how could you pass up on this letter scarf? take your pick of uppercase, lowercase or numbers. (via design milk)
congratulations alex!!!
courtesy devin.

i locked myself up in my house this weekend in hopes of making some progress on finally settling in. every thing's been out of boxes for awhile now, but it still hasn't been feeling like home. the walls were bare and things had been placed haphazardly around each room. so i buckled down, finished up painting a couple rooms, put a lot of stuff where it belongs and feel like this place is finally my own.

my new kitchen is admittedly much smaller then my last one, but has a whole lot more charm. the keep calm and carry on print is from
victoria's etsy shop and the bulk of the kitschy knick-knacks are from anthropologie. the small table and chairs are from ikea, and if i ever need more table space there are two eaves that extend out from underneath. the stove is obviously the best part about the kitchen and probably my favorite thing in the entire house. i've actually been shopping for a new set of pots and pans and think i may have to get a set of le creusets enamel on steel - aside from being great for cooking, they would look damn cute on that stove.

i'll post more pictures of the apartment in the coming weeks as i wrap up each little area, but right now vanessa, a game of uno and a mojito are calling my name...
for any of you in the city or heading to the city, the frida kahlo exhibit opens this weekend at the sfmoma. i'm pretty much bursting at the seams to go - she is one of my all time favorite painters. love.love.love. the show runs through the end of september and tickets must be purchased in advance. check out more details and get your tickets here.
congratulations on your engagement marty - you've got a wonderful woman.

i almost forgot to tell all you eames fans that dwr is having a sale through june 21st. i stopped by there this last weekend and some of the price drops aren't that significant, but others will have you running to the store. check out their collection and sale prices here.

over on apartment therapy today they posted about a new publication - loftlife magazine. i want an issue sooo bad. it looks stunning. i know i'll be drooling over every page. it'll make me want a loft like nothing i have ever wanted before. i can't wait for my free issue to arrive. can't wait for yours? there's plenty of content on their site and their blog. let the lusting begin...
is it saturday yet?

after telling holly that i've been itching to make a book she sent me a link to the o book. love it - especially that cover. i couldn't agree more. and now i feel like i should get to work...
pantone stairs? yes please.
now, i'm all for the peace. i've protested my little heart out for it. but sometimes, no matter how nice you are, you kinda just wanna clock someone in the face. right? admit it. you know you want to sometimes. at least once in your life? yeah, that's right.

well, if you're going to do it, may as well do it right - in style. get yourself a rockin' pair of wooden knuckles at
the curiosity shop. made out of walnut, these bad boys are sure to help you pack a fierce punch.
okay, last video for awhile. i promise. had this one sent to me last night and LOVED it. death cab - you rock my heart.

a few goodies to end off the day - happy friday!

home sweet home.
hello. i love you. be mine...

(sögreni old shatterhand)

check. one. two. check. check.

solo pendant light.
while sharing this spork with lindsay the other day, she shared with me this set of patisserie rings. first off, a ring with a life like blackberry on it? i think i would consistently try to eat it. because the pound of blackberries i eat in a week isn't enough. and the other rings? almost equally delicious. almost.

want one? get it here.
i've been on a mini hunt for some new headphones over the last couple weeks - a pair that don't involve little ear buds. little ear buds let in all the noise of the outside world regardless how high the volume is - if i wanted a side of ambient noise with my music, i would just use speakers.

so i found these little guys over at urban and i'm thinking they may be the ones. they're available in a few different colors if you're not down with the brown & beige and cost a quasi reasonable $52.

update: these officially kick ass. just in case you were wondering.
i want. i want. i want.
get your own
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