soooo fine.
sexy people, a celebration of the perfect portrait is pretty much the best thing i've seen all week. fabulous.
love. love. love.
polaroid pins from the one and only fred flare.
if you don't mind taking a moment to be a little sad and view something incredibly endearing, then click here.

it's latin mania around here these days so i thought i'd bring you some of the fun with the great little shop lama. i'll take the teapot with a cold please!
because sometimes all you want to do is sit back and pop bubble wrap.

chris milk, you are too good. too, too good. fantastic video for gnarls barkley.

devin's a painfully good artist here in the city but is packing up his bags to become a resident artist in buenos aires for a few months (forever maybe? maybe.). since he'll be closing up shop here in s.f. for awhile he's decided to sell off his gallery pieces at a discounted rate - all of which i'll be posting here for any of you who are interested.

i'm kicking it off with this custom dresser, which i pretty much wish was mine. the pictures seriously don't do this piece justice - it's AMAZING. click on the images for a full res shot of the artwork. love it. if you're at all interested in it
send me an email and i'll put you touch...

um. i want these. okay, i want everything they make. but i really want these more then anything else. lovely.

i'm loving the new red hot shop from target. i wish they carried this kind of stuff all the time at target stores - although, it would probably be seriously bad news for my bank account. as if target wasn't hard enough to say no to as is. a few of my faves this month are the orla kiely travel journal, wooden postcards and the usb mixtape.

i am crazy over frank chimero's illustrations and kind of want his state series up in my hallway. too cute.
hello. hello. hello.
i want you.

for those of you back east, i highly suggest you make a trip out to the whitney to check out the 'polaroids: mapplethorpe' exhibition. robert mapplethorpe is hands down one of my favorite photographers of all time and his polaroids are breathtaking. i'm hoping it goes on tour and makes it's way out here...

i know i tend to blog a lot about banksy, and well, its kind of hard not to. his stuff is dope. but he's not the only one of his kind and he certainly wasn't the first. back when banksy was still a bit of a wee one and well, i was still a little pea, blek le rat was hitting the streets of paris in full force. these are just a few pics of his work but you can visit his site here and read a great interview with him over here. enjoy!

hot library smut.
excuse me for a moment...
so awhile ago i had posted about vinyl sleeve heads and recently came across a flickr pool with not only more of these shots, but money shots as well. brilliant! check out the make your own money pool here.
i know these napkins have been around for awhile, but i still can't get over them. if i had a bar, i would totally stock these for my customers. too cute.

courtesy of mikey. we have no clue who this guy is, or what on earth inspired him to do these awesome little illustrations, but they are fabulous. absolutely fabulous. see the whole collection here.
oh god i'm getting nervous...(!)

so wish i had known about book before it sold out. the fifty designers current favourite typefaces book was made to benefit unicef's myanmar cyclone children's appeal. hopefully they'll decide to print more...
the lull lamp opens its petals like a bloom and at night the petals slowly close and the light slowly dims till it's just a bud again. fantastic. check out the site of the fabulous designers here.

graham & green are having a sale and yet again i'm compelled to buy things i don't need at an alarming exchange rate. but it's all sooo good. like these hand of fatima goodies - a hanging rack and a door knocker. and the furniture...oh man. check out the collection on sale here.
great package design is one thing. great package design backed with a fabulous site is like the holy grail. help remedies is pretty much the perfect example - especially their bored page. love it.
welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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