we all know my fascination with vinyl sleeveheads (see here and here) - so naturally when i came across this book i just about died. absolutely hilarious collection on record heads. get your own copy here.
i admittedly ogle at three potato four all the time and think of how cute everything would look in my house. but this. this i must have. if only it were half the price. love. love. love.

the things justine smith does with money makes me green with envy. i can't tell which i like more, her sculptures or her works on paper - all i know is i want all of it. fantastic, fantastic stuff - check out the rest of her work here.
i've been getting a lot of emails from fellow burners about my lack of posts regarding this years bm. yes, it's true - i sat this one out. oh trust me, i've been thinking of the playa every day for the last month as i see people running amuk prepping for their awesome week at brc, and i am every bit jealous that i'm not there. but the boy is leaving for argentina soon and i'm starting a new job this week (stay tuned!), so i had to pass this year. feel free to send over pics when you get back and i'll post them here - so glad to know so many burners are readers!
(aka the perfect gift to give a girl like me)
saw this dress over on dooce and had to check out the etsy shop where heather bought it - omg - love.

tuff as snails has some of the cutest dresses i've ever seen. i'm thinking little mia may need some pronto (ahem mikey).
saw this over on a cup of jo and had to share. i want this print for my art room - love it.
hooray! new posters from the poster list - super cute rendition of the keep calm series i so love...

years ago, when i still lived in an area that required me to drive and park in parking lots, i had considered getting cards printed with little quips about how horrible someone parked. you know, just in case they didn't notice how inept they were at squeezing their hummer in a spot marked 'compact'. apparently, i'm not the only one who thinks such a thing is needed - shinebox print have some delightful 'parking tickets' that get the point across rather nicely. love it.
it's been a long while since i updated you all with my favorite fred & friend goodies. i didn't forget about their goodness. quite the contrary actually. i think about them a little too much. i see them at the grocery and at little boutiques of kitschy goodness and have to fight the compulsion to buy every last thing they make. but i'm feeling a moment of immense self control - so here you go - the latest and greatest by fred and friends:
fingerfood party plate - genius? i think so.
salt & peeper - the cutest and most efficient salt & pepper shaker i've ever seen.

snack & stack - do the stacks come with that?

and my favorite - waterlogged - so awesome it hurts.
the most amazing vinyl decals i have ever seen. i suddenly feel the compulsion to re-do my still unfinished apartment...check out their whole collection here.
saw these over on wishing fish and had to share. my favorite gal, lisa, is crazy for cute band-aids and i think these just might have to become part of her collection. pow! bam! sweet!
i've heard about it and now i've seen it and well, i love it. check out econiclife.com to appease your inner green spirit.

happy friday!


lisa and i decided to go on holiday together next month and hit up one of my favorite cities - vancouver! i'm super jazzed to head back up there for a few days and if going back wasn't exciting enough, we found out federico aubele is playing up there the night we get in! naturally i'm pretty much bursting at the seams with excitement, so i decided to share some of it with you all. enjoy...

peachypan - you warm my heart. i don't even know where to start. the pretzel earrings, or maybe the kanzashi hair accessories. maybe the mushroom stamps or better yet, the panda key cover. i'm feeling a cuteness overload...
happy birthday mom!!!

sometimes you come across a blog, generally a blog that's sent to you, that is so spectacular you don't even know what to do with yourself. and so you read EVERY post with your jaw on the floor in amazement. this my friends, is one such blog.

welcome to
wit & whimsy. not to be confused with a witty blog about whimsical things, wit & whimsy is about, and i quote, "just being female isn't enough to be a woman, or more importantly, a woman that exudes class, elegance, and grace. here you'll find information on what it takes to be a WIT, woman in training, and all the wonders in life that come along with it. go forth and be witty!".

oh yes. you read that right. your one stop guide on how to be a woman. i recommend the following posts:

D.O.R.K.Y - A Top 5 List that Will Make Any WIT Feel Normal and Happy
Enlightenment: A WIT's guide to building a book collection
and my favorite...
t(WIT)ter- I tried it cause it has 'WIT' in it

i'm not one to spoil elliott with lavish dog goods. cute as they are, her garbage disposal of a mouth would devour them within minutes consuming them entirely or rendering what is left to be completely useless.

nevertheless, i love looking at frivolous items for dogs - some are so damn cute it hurts. mungo & maud are one such example of dog outfitters that make your pets look better then you do. some of their dog tags are actually cuter then some jewelry i see for us human folks.

based out of london and with stores worldwide, mungo & maud is pretty much the sweetest little pet boutique i've seen in a rather long while...check out all their goodness here.
love, love, love these shoes by andrea heimer.
the internet is seriously a bottomless pit of information that i continuously want to share with you all. some of it you have expressed a lot of interest in. some of it you've declared as the last thing on the face of the planet you want to be reading about. so to find a little balance for you all, i've started an altruism in the morning musings page that has all the things i'd love to post here, but just doesn't always seem to fit with what you're here for.

you'll find a never ending stream of images, music and video and for those of you who want a little of this and a little of that - musings will have a feed of this page for your viewing pleasure.
keep the emails coming and a big shout out to all you folks overseas who have sent me all the awesome fan mail - i promise to get back to you all - you rock!
welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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