i've been getting a lot of emails from fellow burners about my lack of posts regarding this years bm. yes, it's true - i sat this one out. oh trust me, i've been thinking of the playa every day for the last month as i see people running amuk prepping for their awesome week at brc, and i am every bit jealous that i'm not there. but the boy is leaving for argentina soon and i'm starting a new job this week (stay tuned!), so i had to pass this year. feel free to send over pics when you get back and i'll post them here - so glad to know so many burners are readers!

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dustydevil said...

we've never met, but we missed you on the playa. your posts last year gave us so many ideas for burning man this year. we hope to see you out there next year. will you be at the decompression?

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