my brother recently made an origami swan out of my netflix wrapper, so of course, i felt compelled to share. netflix origami gives step-by-step instructions on how to turn those tear-off netflix wraps into beautiful little folded goodies. i might actually return one of my dvds now just so i get a new wrapper to origami into an origami box.

love, love, love these cards by lucy player.
if you're in a giving mood check out my moms auction on ebay of her sudanese girl oil painting. 100% of the proceeds are going directly to UNHCR to help send aid to those in need in darfur. the auction just started and ends of the 10th. start bidding here.

kyle bean blows my mind. i am so smitten with his work it hurts. it also makes me want to buy lots of paper and cardboard and make wondrous things. absolutely fantastic.

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in case you're looking for a little something to do - make some music here.

i doodle on post-it notes all the time - they're just the right size for the perfect little sketch. but mine admittedly pale in comparison to post-it note drawings by marc johns. i love these. absolutely hilarious and so concise.
love it.

jess always posts about amazing artists whos work i've seen at some point or another but fail to write down or bookmark or catalog in some way shape or form. case in point, oksana badrak. okasana's work kills me. you know, the kind of art work that makes you feel like you should never bother creating anything again because it could never even shine a light against what you just saw. yeah, that kind of good. check out oksana's site here.

the eames elephant has been remastered for all of us to behold by vitra. i want one. i want one. i want one.

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okay. i generally try to keep politics out of this space because we all have our own opinions and i'm not one to force mine on others. but i had to post this video. i watched palin's speech at the rnc and thought she did a stellar job for her first time on the national stage. but while being a strong public speaker is admirable, the greater testament is when that strength and knowledge is innate and not trained or prompted via a script. hence the value of interviews like this one.

simply put - this short clip is appalling. i don't care if your pro-woman, pro-republican, or pro-hockey moms becoming vice president. i don't care that she supports causes i strongly disagree with or that she lacks the experience i think a vp should have. this video by itself is a testament to the fact that this human being has absolutely no place in the white house (nor leading the state of alaska for that matter). the fact that people are willing to overlook this rhetoric (or lack thereof) because of a competition or a desire to belong and defend their beliefs regardless the outcome is saddening...

Big Ideas (don't get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

the most amazing radiohead interpretation i have ever heard. according to the creator, james houston, the song came together based "...on the lyric (and alternate title) "Big Ideas: Don't get any" I grouped together a collection of old redundant hardware, and placed them in a situation where they're trying their best to do something that they're not exactly designed to do, and not quite getting there." phenomenal.

has anyone tried methods line of body care products? i'm a method fanatic despite it being rather difficult to get your hands on in the city. but i'm all about green goodness, so i'm pretty intrigued on their body care line. i wonder how far they'll branch into this one.
happy birthday!
some of you may recall a couple years ago when i bought an entire collection of miniature chairs just to get the one eames recliner i wanted. it's been awhile since i did something that insane, but of course, it was bound to happen again and has.

kid robot recently released dunny series 5 which is hands down the best line up of dunny's in a series i have ever seen. and of course, there was one i wanted more then any other that has a 1/50 chance of showing up - the junko mizuno. so i bought a blind box, alex bought a blind box, devin bought me a blind box - no magnificent junko mizuno dunny in sight. in my typical manner, i became consumed. she was all i could think about. i needed that dunny to be mine. i scoured ebay but she was just too expensive. i checked the cleverly hacked open boxes at urban and still nothing. so i had no other option then to buy a case of dunny's in hopes that she would be in there.

lucky for me she was, along with almost every other dunny i wanted! i'm smitten. they are wonderful. perfect even. it's like christmas on a random monday evening in september. a very merry un-birthday to me!

i'll be selling all the others that came in the case on ebay, but you can check out all of them here. if anyone has the kathie olivas dunny and wants to trade drop me a line. and yes, i seriously am geeking out this much.

it's been a long time since i updated everyone on little elliott and our life together. she turns a year old this week which is pretty much the most awesome thing to me. it's been such a wild year and having her around has been absolutely fantastic.

you know, you tell yourself for years that you want a dog, but there's nothing that can prepare you for living with a puppy. it's exhausting. and frustrating. and there's days where you wonder how many more times you can take your new friend stepping in their poop and then pouncing all over you. because really, no one wants poop covered paw prints on their clothes. or their house for that matter. people in your life get jealous that there's no longer time for them and you become envious of people who have time at all. and it's mildly frustrating when the shoes you wanted to wear are torn up on your living room floor. and yet, it's worth all of it.

spazmatazz has mellowed out a lot over the last few months. she still gets her ass beat by el gato diego. she still loves to shred anything she can get her little mouth around to pieces. and she still has more energy in one day then i do in one month. but she's grown into a charming little creature who i absolutely adore endlessly and wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

happy birthday little one. love, mama.

karen linked me to yokoo's etsy shop last night and man oh man am i in love. i'm crazy for large oversized knits, especially since i am notoriously always cold and looking for a way to stay warm. i kind of want everything. check out yokoo's full shop here.
have safe travels love - muchos besos!
hello - i love you.
the fiat 500 tender two electric powered beach car. swoon.
lisa and i pushed back our vancouver trip for a couple weeks so we could attend some work shindigs we have going on, but i can't even begin to explain how excited i am to return to that beautiful city.

i've been to a lot of great towns, but few have captured my heart like vancouver. oh how i would love to pack up my little ones and our best belongings and move up there tomorrow. i stumbled across gaile geuvara's blog today and it only made me yearn all the more to get up there sooner.

check out her collection of posts on vancouver here and see for yourself why it makes my heart skip a beat.
saw this over on the style files today and had to repost. just about the most lovely image i have seen in a very long time. i wish i had taken it. (taken by ellen silverman)
hehehe, too cute. get your own here.
totally crazy for this green is good tote at anthropologie.
(courtesy my darling lisa)
next friday, the 19th, is the salon here in the city. during the day is a symposium featuring panels & presentation exploring the modern photography book movement - primarily on how to curate, design and market these books successfully. following it will be the awards ceremony for the winners of the competition - a fun meet up for photography and book enthusiasts. rsvp for the symposium here and the meet-up/after party/awards ceremony here.
some of you may remember this post about park(ing) day here in the city a couple years back. well, it's that time again - park(ing) day happens next friday, the 19th!

what is park(ing) day you ask? it's all about the need for more public parks in cities and they promote the cause in public parking spots. that's right - set up your own little park in a metered street parking spot. it's a spectacularly fun idea and anyone can participate. check out the
how to manual on their site and be sure to upload pics of your 'park' to their flickr group. happy park(ing)!
some of you may have already heard about this, but for those of you that haven't, home depot recycles cfl bulbs. why would you drive out to home depot to recycle fluorescent light bulbs? because these bulbs have small amounts of mercury in them, which for those of you that know your heavy metals, is a serious neurotoxin. granted, a bulb here or there wouldn't harm the earths soil too much, but multiply that by millions and we've got yet another problem plaguing our little planet. plus, who doesn't like recycling?

check out more about home depots national cfl recycling program here.
love. love. love.
i want one!
awesome doormats from pottery barn. only $29!
Right now I only want two things - you and time to write. These people out here feel sorry for me; they don’t know what I’m going to do, and they can’t understand why it doesn’t seem to worry me. It’s so sad that it makes me laugh. I feel like the man with The Secret. They tell me I need love and I laugh quietly. They tell me I need a purpose and I laugh again. I would never tell them how happy I am to know we’re going to be together again, because then they wouldn’t be able to feel sorry for me and they’d feel even worse. I really want nothing more than to be in bed with you, to stay there as long as we want, to have a roof over heads and food in our mouths and to be left alone. We already have the big thing and the rest is trivia.
— hunter s. thompson to sandy thompson

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

i don't even know how to describe this album aside from the fact that for the rest of my life it'll remind me of this summer, of falling in love, of dancing with tia and of life enveloping me like a giant wave. muchos besos to big d for passing on this album - i'll heart it endlessly.
some of you may remember my post a few months ago about this portrait my mom did of a girl from sudan. the painting is going up for auction and all the proceeds are to benefit aid to Darfur via the UNHCR. she's been getting a lot of great press coverage and support and it goes up for auction on october 1st. i'll post again once the auction is live, but for those of you who want to help spread the word, feel free to repost the flyer below.
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