Right now I only want two things - you and time to write. These people out here feel sorry for me; they don’t know what I’m going to do, and they can’t understand why it doesn’t seem to worry me. It’s so sad that it makes me laugh. I feel like the man with The Secret. They tell me I need love and I laugh quietly. They tell me I need a purpose and I laugh again. I would never tell them how happy I am to know we’re going to be together again, because then they wouldn’t be able to feel sorry for me and they’d feel even worse. I really want nothing more than to be in bed with you, to stay there as long as we want, to have a roof over heads and food in our mouths and to be left alone. We already have the big thing and the rest is trivia.
— hunter s. thompson to sandy thompson


Karen said...

Girl, what are we going to do with you when that boy leaves?

m&m said...

we love you and are here if you need us, okay? enjoy your week with him and we'll see you when you resurface.

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