some of you may recall a couple years ago when i bought an entire collection of miniature chairs just to get the one eames recliner i wanted. it's been awhile since i did something that insane, but of course, it was bound to happen again and has.

kid robot recently released dunny series 5 which is hands down the best line up of dunny's in a series i have ever seen. and of course, there was one i wanted more then any other that has a 1/50 chance of showing up - the junko mizuno. so i bought a blind box, alex bought a blind box, devin bought me a blind box - no magnificent junko mizuno dunny in sight. in my typical manner, i became consumed. she was all i could think about. i needed that dunny to be mine. i scoured ebay but she was just too expensive. i checked the cleverly hacked open boxes at urban and still nothing. so i had no other option then to buy a case of dunny's in hopes that she would be in there.

lucky for me she was, along with almost every other dunny i wanted! i'm smitten. they are wonderful. perfect even. it's like christmas on a random monday evening in september. a very merry un-birthday to me!

i'll be selling all the others that came in the case on ebay, but you can check out all of them here. if anyone has the kathie olivas dunny and wants to trade drop me a line. and yes, i seriously am geeking out this much.

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JESS said...

look at you, veruca salt... equally fashionable, but much sweeter. ;)

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