with polaroid film prices doubling and tripling, our era of instant photos is coming to a close. okay, not really. but for polaroid it is. naturally, other companies are clamoring to pick up the slack and give those us who yearn for instant gratification some new alternatives to our old friend.

the fuji instax camera is one i've played with, quite some years ago, and is rather fantastic. the photos are small (think back to the old disposable polaroid camera of 1999) but the photos are crisp and rich in color. urban outfitters has started carrying the camera (and the film) for $130. not too shabby for a cute instant toy.

for the digitally analogue inclined, there's the tomy xiao (coming out in japan tomorrow), that prints little photos directly from it's digital camera 5 mp body. best part? through it's elusive (at least to me) technology, you don't have to buy ink for this little bad boy, just paper. LOVE it!

figs and ginger

i can't even handle how amazing the work of figs & ginger are. the pieces above are my absolute favorites, but their whole shop is overflowing with wonderful eco-friendly metal-smithing goodness. i think i need to buy the fawn earrings. like right now. while i do that, you can check out their site here.


Fifty People, One Question: New York from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.
saw this over on swissmiss today and totally fell in love.

kirigami goodness

saw these over on ATLA today and almost pee'd my pants. download your own kirigami greeting card patterns here, grab a few xacto blades & a box of bandages, and have at it!

helvetica revisted


check out the awesome abracadabra bookmark. it's an inflated pouch that when squeezed opens your book just enough for your finger to access to the last page you were on. awesome!

yanko design)

wall mounted dog food bowls by these creatures. fantastic!
made for me? i think so. you can get one too - right over here.

tick tock

i saw this watch on urban's site yesterday and totally fell in love. only catch is, it's only available online and i'm totally one of those people who has to try a watch on before buying it.

but after seeing it, i felt inspired to create something similar with a watch face from my great-grandma. i've had the watch since i was in my early teens, and she had obviously had it long prior to giving it to me - and amazingly it still works. but the band has been worn completely through and needs replacing. so i'll be making one similar to the watch above, chain, charms and all. hooray for weekend projects!

fall down tree

um. how cute are these illustrations by adam record? i'm in love. he just made a book through blurb, but also has an awesome etsy shop here.

monkey time

i'm yet again on the quest for a new watch and have been slowly perusing the web for one that i'll fall in love with. my brother has a dope paul frank watch and suggested i check out their watches and let me say, they are pretty stellar. above are just a couple of the ones i happened to really like, but check out their whole collection here.

i WANT so bad it hurts. kathie olivas goodness.

strike. this wooden bowling set from dwr.

gmail themes!

i admit, it's generally the smallest things that make me the happiest. like gmail's new theme functionality. located under settings>themes, you can now skin your gmail page by selecting one of many themes. the one above is notebook, but they are all pretty fab. too busy? worry not - there's ample designs that are just basic colors. hooray gmail!

and the gifting begins...

we're halfway through november, which means christmas is just around the corner. i like to have all my holiday shopping done by thanksgiving so i can legitimately enjoy the holiday season and only subject myself to small doses of holiday jingles blaring through store speakers - but i know a lot of people take their jolly good time when it comes to buying gifts. so since i've already gotten a head start, i'll be posting a handful of the goodies that caught my eye over the last few weeks that would make great gifts for the lovelies in your life.

conceptualize my heart

saw this over on design for mankind and almost fell out of my chair. then i did a little digging on the creator of this amazing piece and did fall out of my chair. omg. job koelewijn is brilliant - absolutely brilliant.


erin dollar makes these amazing beards, that i think pretty much everyone should own. EVERYONE. they are absolutely hilarious and cute as can be. check out erin's etsy shop i made you a beard and her blog here.

(thanks for the linkage dave!)
(this ones for lisa...)
saw these on swissmiss today and had to repost - how awesome are these kate spade hi 5 gloves!? LOVE them!

the inverse of bookshelving

loving this diy inverted bookshelf!

air lines

anne sent me a link to this AMAZING poster of air line routes that is seriously to die for. the plain white is absolutely phenomenal, but for those of you who want to know where all those lines are connecting to, there's also one with an outline.

artist of the week - chairlift

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

if kim gordon were in an electro-pop band, this is what she would have sounded like. the first track, bruises, is pretty much one of my favorite songs right now. hope y'all like it as much as i do!
obamabats! (by jeff domke)
omg. i (quasi-)jokingly asked devin to design me some custom keds as my christmas present since i'm so crazy for his work, and he actually did. i had no idea what they were going to look like and when i opened them today i nearly shat myself. i'm still in shock. i LOVE them. the things that boy comes up with from his fabulous mind leave me speechless...eeep! sooo excited!

Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vOte. Vote. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. Vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte.Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte.Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. Vote. vote. vOte. Vote. VOTE. vote. vOte. VOTE!

and then go get yourself some free starbucks, free ben & jerry's and free star krispie kreme donuts.

oh wall-e...

saw this over on apartment therapy unplugged and pretty much fell in love. i want one.

lofty aspirations

check out these incredible loft rooms - the perfect solution for multi-functional bedrooms that are on the small side.

rainy day roundup

the rain is finally here - time to stock on boots to keep my feet dry! above are a few of my favorites available right now from target. their selection of rainboots rock and their faux leather boots hold up to the wetness without getting wrecked. love it!

barack the vote!

(via dooce)

42¢ goodness

i was stocking up on my eames stamps and came across this latin jazz stamp that i thought was fantastic. sometimes the artwork on stamps is just extraordinary. it's like a really good postcard - you like it so much you don't want to mail it!

speaking of mail, have any of you heard of
postcrossing? it's a great postcard exchange site where you register, get a handful of addresses from around the world and send out postcards. while yours are being delivered, people from all over the world are mailing them to you. it's a blast - especially for those of you who love stamps!
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