with polaroid film prices doubling and tripling, our era of instant photos is coming to a close. okay, not really. but for polaroid it is. naturally, other companies are clamoring to pick up the slack and give those us who yearn for instant gratification some new alternatives to our old friend.

the fuji instax camera is one i've played with, quite some years ago, and is rather fantastic. the photos are small (think back to the old disposable polaroid camera of 1999) but the photos are crisp and rich in color. urban outfitters has started carrying the camera (and the film) for $130. not too shabby for a cute instant toy.

for the digitally analogue inclined, there's the tomy xiao (coming out in japan tomorrow), that prints little photos directly from it's digital camera 5 mp body. best part? through it's elusive (at least to me) technology, you don't have to buy ink for this little bad boy, just paper. LOVE it!

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