dreaming in color

omg. so in love with we dream in colour's etsy shop it hurts. i'm partial to the verdigris section of the shop, but it's all pretty awesome...

dear elizabeth...

thank you for teaching the women of the family to be tenacious, fiercely independent, and to never take no for an answer. we'll miss you omi...

shop local - doe

located in the lower haight (and online here), doe is seriously a dream store of all things your heart desires. from clothing, to home goods, to amazing accessories - doe has it all. here are a few of my favorites for gifting this holiday season that are all under $60.

qualifications please.

The Reason

uber cute music video by the wyld stallyons for the blizzards.
(via ATSF)

shop local - the curiosity shoppe

another local spot that i regularly swoon over is the the curiosity shoppe. i am a serious glutton for this place and would buy out the store in a heartbeat. stop on by for some holiday gifts, or for you out-of-towner's, shop their site here.

lomo sale!

check out this link for special 25% off deals on some lomo goodness, including the diana f+ hong meow!
click here for a 25% off coupon to kid robot - valid through the end of this month.

everything. everything. everything.

fantastic interview with kim hiorth√ły.


fantastic vintage kodak photo bags. i'm seriously hoping these come back in stock soon. LOVE them!

they smoke so beautiful on film

if you are still wondering what to get me for the holidays, may i suggest this? is that too forward of me? i think you would do the same for such camilla engman goodness.
i was checking out the newest daily photo upload over on dooce when i saw a link referencing heather champ. i recognized the name immediately (she blogs for flickr) and clicked through to be blown away by some AMAZING photography. the best part? heather is using a holga modifier i've been looking at as yet another 'i'm too impatient for christmas so i'm buying this for myself gift,' and now i think i need to get it.

on an interesting side note, i think heather and i live in the same neighborhood. she's got some shots of elli's little friends from the dog park...small world. hooray internet.

your trash is my hearts treasure

tim nobel and sue webster blow my mind. i've been a fan of their work for some time, but nothing has won me over like their latest pieces utilizing trash to make artistic silhouettes. i know it will make some artists cringe - trash, as art? but seriously - i can barely make a shadow puppet out of my hands that even moderately resembles a bird, fish, dog, anything really - so this pretty much takes the cake in my book.

welcome home juan!


shop local - park life

this holiday season i decided to do the bulk of my holiday shopping via local, independent businesses and independent online shops. it's not for everyone, but you can seriously find some great stuff, even on a tight budget.

so as a continuation of my gift guide, i'll be featuring items under $40 from some of my favorite local stores that also sell their goods online. and let me tell you, they are the goods...

first up is park life - a wonderfully designed retail and gallery space in my old hood, the inner richmond. this store rocks it and sells the bulk of the items behind its doors online too.

design police

bringing bad design to justice.
i think these were made for people like devin and i.
i want them. all of them. and i will use them liberally.
welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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